Cascade Casino North Bay Opens In Full-Fledged

Cascade Casino North Bay is already beating expectations in the region, despite operating for more than a month. According to the game center’s management, the new property has received some major support from customers who appear to be enjoying premium amenities. 파친코 This week, the casino was visited by OLG officials and other delegations for the grand opening.

The gaming facility Pinewood Park Drive was soft-opened on March 9, 2022, and the slot machine has since maintained its full capacity. The property is operated by Gateway Casino & Entertainment and was originally planned to open in early 2020, but was postponed to early this year due to unprecedented conditions.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment spokesman Rob Mitchell said this week’s visit to the North Bay Casino exceeded the company’s biggest dream. He said the game facility is attracting people from all over the region and is causing great curiosity when new casinos are released. He added that regular people have also begun to appear at the facility.

While at the casino, OLG officials presented a cheque worth CA$111,000 worth of North Bay’s share of revenue generated from amenities from March 9 to March 31, 2022, with Crown Corporation offering the city a quarterly payment to attract casino properties in the area through a revenue-sharing agreement, which will be invested in the local economy.

We expect to receive CA$1 million to CA$2 million every year, North Bay Mayor Al McDonald said, explaining that he plans to set aside game revenues as reserves and wait for the next council, and we will discuss policies on how best to invest this money in the city in the future.

Rep. Bill Redock of Ward 11 at Sudbury and KED developer Dario Zulich were among the casino’s guests this week. The two were major supporters of having such casinos in Greater Sudbury. Mr Redock said information collected in North Bay would tell other Sudbury councillors what the city is missing.

Due to the opening of casinos and the increase in gambling options, North Basie has launched a new gambling awareness campaign named ‘Think You’ll Win?’ The program is the fruit of the collaboration between the North Bay Ferry Sound District Health College and the Niping Community Counseling Center. The program will help educate local residents about the potential dangers of gambling activities.

Last month, Gateway Casino & Entertainment provided an update on its CA$21 million casino project in Kenora, Ontario. The company said in a statement that it is currently focused on recovering its business from existing assets and has no specific plans for when it will start developing gaming amenities at Kenora’s 9th Street North at the moment.

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