Outdated military regulations hinder offshore wind power expansion: report

Wind turbines are seen along the coast of Sinan, South Jeolla Province. Korea Times file

The Ministry of National Defense has come under criticism for adhering to outdated altitude restrictions, which are hindering the expansion of offshore wind power generation facilities. As the urgency of energy transition intensifies in response to climate change, these antiquated standards are seen as a significant barrier to progress.

A report released by the Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC), Monday, highlighted the need for the defense ministry to update its 추천 decades-old regulations to support the growth of the offshore wind power industry. The SFOC is a nonprofit organization.

According to the report, the defense ministry currently imposes restrictions on the height of offshore wind turbines at 500 feet, or about 152.4 meters.

This is in line with the Protection of Military Bases and Installations Act, which requires the ministry to assess the impact of such structures on military operations within protected zones.

The report criticizes the ministry for adjusting the regulations for turbines over 150 meters without clear justification, citing concerns that the turbine blades could interfere with radar networks.

The SFOC also argues that these outdated restrictions hinder the development of renewable energy sources crucial for combating climate change.

Due to these regulations, a total of 29 offshore wind power projects carried out in Jeju, Incheon and South Jeolla Province failed to obtain permission in 2022, facing opposition from the defense ministry during the review stage.

From 2013 to January last year, only four out of 70 projects met the ministry’s standards.

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