“He can hit, run and score goals”…Pohang welcomes upgrade Lee Ho-jae

Pohang Steelers striker Lee Ho-jae (24) of the K-League K1 showed his maturity by scoring a goal off a dribble. It’s a welcome return for Pohang, which has been lacking in goals from its forward line.

Lee scored a multi-goal performance in a 3-1 away victory over Incheon United in the 18th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at the Incheon Football Stadium on March 23.

Lee scored the game-winning goal in the fifth minute of the second half after Pohang’s organized passing play, and in the 26th minute, Lee scored with a powerful shot after beating two defenders on an individual dribble.

Lee’s second goal was particularly significant, as it was Pohang’s wedge goal. Lee Ho-jae, a 191-centimeter long striker, has been in the spotlight for his attacks that utilize good physicality such as post play and headers.

However, on this day, Lee proved that he can compete not only with his traditional strengths such as aerial ball control and ball possession, but also with his speed and breakthrough ability.

“I thought I was not only a tall player, but I also had good ‘feet’, so I wanted to show that on the pitch,” Lee said after the game. “When I got the ball (just before the goal) and turned around, I had space and confidence. I thought I should be the decider, so I challenged and it worked out well,” he said of his goal.

Lee even did a relaxed goal celebration afterward, lying on the ground with his arms crossed.

He smiled, saying, “The previous process went so well as I wanted it to, so it came out naturally.” He was clearly pleased with his unorthodox route to the goal.

For Pohang, it’s nice to have Lee Ho-jae as a new option off the dribble.

While Pohang’s defense was satisfactory in terms of conceding the fewest goals (17), the front line of Lee Ho-jae, Jorge, and Heo Yong-joon left a bit to be desired, and 토토 the lack of a clear option for Lee Ho-jae to break free if he was isolated waiting for an aerial ball was a concern.

However, Lee’s two crucial goals on the day, along with his newfound confidence and new attacking routes, have given Pohang a boost for the rest of the season.

Coach Park Tae-ha said, “(Lee) scored a great goal that the fans will love. I’m happy that our hard work in training has paid off. Our biggest problem has been solved,” he said.

Lee also revealed his ambition to become an even better striker than he is now.

“I keep watching videos of what scenes I scored goals in, and I also do image training while watching other players’ goals, such as Ulsan’s Min Kyu-hyung,” he said, revealing the secret of his recent rise.

He added, “I want to work harder and improve to become a player who has the strengths of many players, and I will make Pohang a team that not only aims for the top but also for the championship.”

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