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It was exactly his first appearance in a year and two months and 426 days since the Chicago White Sox match on June 2 last year. I watched Ryu Hyun-jin 36, Toronto’s return match with half expectation and half concern.

In the beginning, I was like, Oh, this isn’t it…It occurred to me automatically. Ryu Hyun-jin’s trademark sophisticated cornerwork and sharp breaking balls were not found. In particular, the rotation of the change-up was released and did not fall off. As the weak ball went high into the middle, it had no choice but to hit a long ball.

However, it changed after the first and second episodes. The speed of the four-seam fastball was more than 90 miles per hour about 145 kilometers faster than expected (up to 147 kilometers). 토토사이트 The fall of the curve was also good. In the third inning against Antony Santander, the sixth curve fell so sharply that it touched the ground at the ball count 2-2, and the batter hit well that it became a left-handed hit. The change-up, which was the main weapon, fell short of 70 points, but the curve deserved more than 80 points.

The ability to manage the crisis remained the same. He blocked additional runs with double plays in the third and fifth innings. It was a relatively strong ball, but the course headed toward the fielder. This reduced the number of runs compared to the number of hits and allowed him to endure until the fifth inning.

There were some disappointments. He threw about three crucial balls very well, but the center fielder did not strike.

In addition, I think it would have been nice if I had thrown until the fifth inning and finished the mound. Of course, coach John Schneider would have judged in consideration of the team’s bullpen consumption, but if he had stepped down from a 3-3 tie, he would have been more helpful to Ryu Hyun-jin and the team for the next game. He would have been able to throw a few more balls 75 pitches until the fifth inning in the sixth inning anyway, but he would have been a losing pitcher and felt sorry for the team because he allowed a home run to the leadoff batter.

The opposing team, Baltimore, is the No. 1 team in the American League 0.617, 66 wins and 41 losses and is the most frightening team in attacking opportunities these days. In addition, there are many hitters who often faced Ryu Hyun-jin, including Santander, Ryan Mountcastle, and Austin Hayes. In a way, I met the most difficult team.

Nevertheless, if you look at it as a whole, you did well for a return match. In the beginning, I was worried, but I played the rest of the inning easily. The ball control is not perfect yet, but he hasn’t overplayed ball balls like Toronto’s bullpen pitchers who came out late in the game. It would be even better if the speed of the four-seam fastball could be increased by two miles about three kilometers in the future.

Above all, it is most important that your arm does not hurt after the game. In the meantime, it is different from when he threw in the minor leagues and played in the Major League. Please check carefully if there is anything wrong.

Kim In-sik, president of the Korea Baseball Organization KBO, was nicknamed the national coach for his leadership that put Korean baseball in the ranks of world-class powerhouses. He is well-versed not only in domestic baseball but also in the U.S. Major League Baseball MLB. As the head coach of the World Baseball Classic WBC national team, he faced MLB’s top stars, and he continues to analyze MLB games by watching them all.

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