Harmony With The Fans of This Family

At 7 p.m. on the 6th, the Seoul E-Land-Gyeongnam FC match was held at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul in the 25th round of the Hana One-Q K League 2. 토토사이트 Away club Gyeongnam beat Seoul E-Land 2-1. In this game, there was a scene that attracted as much attention as the fierce match between the two teams, so it was the “British Scouts.” Escaping from Jamboree, surrounded by poor conditions, they decided to spend the night of the 6th at Mokdong Sports Complex.

The driving force behind British scout members’ participation in Seoul E-Land’s home game is thanks to the club’s “planning.” Seoul E-Land tried to contact a British scout. After leaving the Jamboree, he offered to spend time in Seoul with soccer. The purpose was to give good memories to those who passed through the end of their trip to Korea, which was more difficult than expected. Members of the British Scouts, who came from their home country of football, readily agreed to Seoul E-Land’s proposal. That’s how thousands of Britons came to herdsmen.

Since then, the front desk of the club has been busy. It didn’t work in a way that was hard moved by inertia. As it was not in the plan at all, “flexible response” was important. Scouts’ visits were confirmed only the day before the game, and they had to use the given time effectively. Chae Seung-mok, director of Seoul E-Land, said, “It was not an easy preparation process. Nevertheless, he tried to reach the maximum. “We made every effort to ensure that Match Day runs smoothly by holding meetings inside the club until late at night,” he said.

Seoul E-Land prepared meticulously. Starting with distributing thousands of bottles of “ice water” for the members who suffered from the heat in Jamboree, he also contacted the Yangcheon Police Station in preparation for various safety accidents and even received police personnel. In addition, the government considered and implemented the maximum amount to consider strengthening the image of electronic boards to create a soccer festival, deploying additional stadium security personnel, and recruiting foreign language speakers.

Thanks to the efforts of Seoul E-Land, which carefully prepared like the “house fairy Dobby” in an invisible place, the Mokdong Sports Complex on the 6th provided an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Those who stayed in the space and time deserved to think, “Which soccer field in England is this?” The members from the head family knew which club they should cheer for without having to tell them. He shouted “SEFC,” an acronym for Seoul E-Land, throughout the game, encouraging players running on the field as if they had been cheering for them all their lives. When Gyeongnam, the enemy of the day, scored a goal, he did not hesitate to boo. As I saw, heard, and grew up in the home country of soccer, I seemed to be fully aware of what kind of duties I should perform as a home fan.

The British scout members also boosted the atmosphere in a different way. When someone in the crowd filled the stands shouted “Oggy, Oggy, Oggy” as the lead, all the rest responded with “Oi, Oi, Oi.” The so-called “Ogi Chant,” which lasted throughout the game, is a way for Britons to enjoy moments at sports events or camps, and such an unusual scenery was created at Mokdong Sports Complex in E-Land, Seoul. After the game, Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “The sound of cheering was great,” which was proof that Ogi Chant had a great influence. In addition, British scouts enjoyed a midsummer night by showing wave cheering, which can only be seen in national team matches. Seoul E-Land’s intended “Memories in Korea” by inviting its members seemed to have been successfully completed.

Seoul E-Land has recorded the “most spectators” since the club was founded on the 6th. 6,471 people visited Mokdong Sports Complex, the highest number in Jamsil, Cheonan, and Mokdong. The invitation, which started with warm intentions, evolved into promotional marketing that will go down in the club’s history, and that was also the point where numbers were connected. In addition, the influence of British scout members was also strong in food trucks, convenience stores in the club, and MD shops. In particular, MD Shop left a “real record” of 642% increase in sales. A club official said, “There are no clothes to sell in the next game,” expressing a mixed review of satisfaction and concern.

Even after the match, under proper control of Seoul E-Land, the British Scouts left the stadium in an orderly manner. Even the moment he left the scene, he seemed to enjoy the present with a bright expression. Director Chae Seung-mok said, “It was a valuable experience for everyone on the spot, including scout members and the team’s front desk. “I’m very proud to be able to convey good memories as a gift to those who visited Korea,” he said, expressing his feelings after the special match.

Watching Seoul E-Land invite British scout members who were absent from Jamboree to make an interesting game, some outside praised it as “Seoul E-Land worked” and “It was like the Premier League.” It was a moment to prove that if the club’s excellent plan was supported, it could do a lot even in a sudden situation. Scout members who visited Korea as a jamboree and returned after cheering for Seoul E-Land to their heart’s content will remember the club for a long time. Special memories of childhood often last a lifetime.

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