The Saudi Oil Money Al Ittihad Seeks to Sign Salah

Liverpool will not allow any approach towards Mohamed Salah.


rumors of Salah’s transfer broke out.

 The club targeting Salah was Al Ittihad

which carried out a storm signing this summer with oil money from Saudi Arabia. 

Al Ittihad have made four stellar transfers in the transfer window this summer.

The transfer that surprised everyone was the signing of Karim Benzema. 

Benzema was originally thought to stay with Real Madrid by renewing his contract 먹튀검증사이트

but suddenly changed his stance. 

It was because of the lure of money that he could not refuse.

Al Ittihad offered 200 million euros (about 287.2 billion won)

the highest annual salary in football history

and Benzema could not refuse. 

In June

Al Ittihad announced the signing of Benzema through its official channel


Introducing the new superstar Benzema.

Welcome to Al Ittihad.

Benzema was holding an Al Ittihad jersey

with ‘2026’ written on the back

meaning the contract period.

In addition to signing Benzema

Al Ittihad also signed N’Golo Kante. 

Kante was also originally thinking about staying at Chelsea. 

Chelsea were also considering leaving Kante. 

Kante has been struggling with a minor injury lately

but he can still perform at his best on the pitch.

But Kante


could not resist the lure of money. 

Kante decided to accept the annual salary of 100 million euros (approximately 143.6 billion won) offered by Al Ittihad. 

Al Ittihad officially announced the signing of Kante in mid-June. 

Kante signed a four-year contract.

Al Ittihad did not stop there. 

He decided to sign another world-best defensive midfielder



a key player in Liverpool

was shaken by Saudi Arabia’s proposal

and Liverpool decided to let Fabinho go.

Al Ittihad paid a transfer fee of 46.7 million euros (approximately 67 billion won) and succeeded in recruiting Fabinho.

 Fabinho also received a huge salary. 

Fabinho completed the transfer to Al Ittihad on the 1st. 

Al Ittihad succeeded in recruiting four big players by recruiting even Jota

who was playing a big role in Celtic

a prestigious Scottish club.

Al Ittihad’s move

which seemed to end like this

turned to Salah. 

On the 24th

France’s ‘Sports Zone’ said

Salah and Al Ittihad are conducting discussions.

Salah was thinking of transferring to Al Ittihad in 2024

but at the end of the transfer market

there was progress that the transfer period could be moved forward to this summer.

reported that

Al Ittihad’s approach was true. 

Reporter David Onstein of Britain’s ‘The Athletic’

who is considered to have the most public confidence in the Premier League (EPL)

reported on the 25th that “Al Ittihad has rekindled interest in Liverpool striker Salah.”


it is understood that Liverpool are not even considering Al Ittihad’s offer for Salah. 

Reporter Ornstein said:

It is unclear at this stage whether a move for Salah will happen.

Liverpool remain unwilling to sell Salah.

Salah’s agent has also dismissed reports that he will be heading to Saudi Arabia in early August.

he explained.

At the time, Salah’s agent stated:

If he had thought about leaving Liverpool this year

he would not have re-signed last summer.

Salah remains committed to Liverpool.”

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ also said

There has been speculation that Liverpool will sell Salah to Saudi Arabia

but we understand that Liverpool have no plans to sell Salah.

Liverpool do not want to sell Salah this summer.

Salah has revealed that he will not be leaving Liverpool this summer.

Salah is a Liverpool legend. 

Salah, who made his professional debut in 2010

moved to Switzerland’s prestigious FC Basel in the summer of 2012 and stepped on the European stage. 

He worked with Park Joo-ho

a former member of the Korean national team. 

Salah, who flew from Basel

was called by Chelsea, a big club in the Premier League (EPL)

and transferred in 2014.

But during his time at Chelsea

Salah was a blot on his career. 

The explosiveness he showed at Basel never showed at Chelsea. 

Salah, who spent a lot of time on the bench

began to come back to life while spending time on loan at Fiorentina and AS Roma.

Salah, who wanted to settle in Roma

signaled a fresh start with a full transfer ahead of the 2016-17 season.

In his second season at Roma, Salah fully recovered.

He played an ace role with 19 goals and 15 assists in 41 official matches.

Then, after a year

Liverpool wanted to sign Salah. 

Liverpool fans were also concerned about the fact that they were recruiting failed resources from the EPL and rival Chelsea for 42 million euros (approximately 60.3 billion won).

In just one season

Sala proved how misguided her concerns were. 

In the 2017-18 season

Salah had the best season of his career

scoring 32 goals and 10 assists in 36 league games. 

It was the record for the most goals in a single season in the Premier League until Erling Haaland moved to Manchester City.

Salah was named third FIFA Player of the Year

UEFA Player of the Year third

Premier League (EPL) Player of the Year, and PFA Player of the Year. 

With the arrival of Salah, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp-style attacking football began to be perfected, and Liverpool entered their prime.

In the 2018-19 season, Salah showed great combinations with Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, making the team one of the best in Europe. 

At this time, Salah also won the EPL top scorer.

 The following year

he contributed to the EPL championship that Liverpool had so longed for.

After that

Salah’s performance continued. Even while Liverpool’s performance declined little by little

Salah announced his strength by winning the EPL scorer in the 2021-22 season. 

Even Liverpool

which has not made it easy to renew contracts for players entering their 30s

has decided to hold on to Salah.

Salah put an end to rumors of a transfer to Spanish La Liga last summer when he signed a three-year contract renewal. 

Liverpool promised Salah the team’s best condition of £350,000 a week (approximately 586 million won).

This is the amount corresponding to the 3rd highest weekly wage in the EPL.

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