Asian Games, Korean Cycling Achieved its Highest Ever Record

Asian Games, Medal hopeful Cyclist Na-reum

‘Cycling Empress’ attempting to win three consecutive competitions…

A pioneer on the European stage in the women’s division for over 10 years.

A ‘special challenge’ without using any equipment at last year’s National Sports Festival

It was at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games that the title ‘Cycling Empress’

was given to Na-reum (Samyang Corporation) in earnest.


At that time, Na-reum returned with four gold medals,

crossing the boundaries between road and track, including individual road,

road solo, group pursuit, and Madison.

Led by Na-reum, who won four gold medals, Korean cycling achieved its highest ever record (six gold medals).

In fact, Na-reum has been a symbol of women’s cycling long before that. 온라인카지노사이트

She made a name for herself in March 2010 when she competed in the 3 km individual pursuit event at the World Track Championships in Denmark,

where she ran 3:39.518, 4 seconds off her Korean record.

I was twenty at that time.

Track World Cup

The following year, she competed at the 1st Track World Cup of the Union Internationale de Cycling (UCI),

where she won the gold medal in the women’s points event, the first ever for Korea.

In 2014, she competed at the Incheon Asian Games,

where she topped the road solo and won a valuable gold medal for Korean cycling.

If they win a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, they will achieve the feat of winning the tournament for the third time in a row.

Although the national team’s participation list for each event has not yet been revealed,

Na-reum is expected to participate in both track and road this time.

Even excluding his performance in international competitions, Na-reum is a ‘positioned player’.

Women’s Professional Cycling

Na-reum joined the Italian women’s professional cycling team Alle-Cipollini in 2019.

Na-reum is the second Korean player to join a world-class professional team after Koo Seong-eun (Seoul City Hall), who joined Australia’s Orica in 2012.

The ‘behind-the-scenes story’ of Na-reum’s joining the team revealed through the blog she runs is quite interesting.

Na-reum received an offer to join the team through social media in December 2018.

At the time, Na Areum said she couldn’t hide her excitement at the thought of her dream coming true.

However, Na-reum, who was puzzled by the fact that the message sent by the overseas team was written in Korean rather than English,

found out the inside story and discovered a ‘shocking fact.’

In fact, he had been sending out messages on social media since that summer saying that the team wanted to recruit him.

Asian Games

However, Na-reum was busy with the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, she did not use social media often, so ‘Love Call’ was neglected for a while.

Na-reum, who achieved her dream of touring Europe after many twists and turns,

also participated in the Giro Rosa, the largest women’s road cycling competition.

Na-reum was also a participant in the women’s road cycling category at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021.

She secured her spot thanks to her silver medal at the 2019 Asian Road Cycling Championships.

As a result, Na-reum once again proved that she is a star by competing on the Olympic stage for the third time in a row,

following the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, along with ‘track best’ Lee Hye-jin (Seoul City Hall).

This is an age group where the body’s output gradually decreases.

National Sports Festival

Perhaps that’s why Na-reum took on a unique challenge at last year’s National Sports Festival.

It was decided not to look at data from various equipment, including speedometers,

in the 25km road solo final in the women’s general division.

Professional cyclists use a variety of equipment during races, including speedometers,

heart rate monitors, and power meters that measure athlete output to improve their records.

Na Areum said she wanted to recapture her past self, when she didn’t have to rely on her equipment thanks to her sharpened ‘racing sense’.

In a road solo race, each participant runs alone without any co-runners or competitors so individual race management is more important than anything else.

Tour National Road Cycling Competition

Na Areum, who won her bronze medal with a time of 37 minutes 46.778 seconds, never fully regained her senses as she had hoped, she said.

Still, she looked back and said that it was only half a success since it had been a while since she had tasted ‘original intention’.

At the ‘2023 Changnyeong Tour National Road Cycling Competition‘,

the first road competition she held this year, the individual road winner in the women’s general division was Na Areum.

In her second competition, the ‘3·1st Independence Movement Gangjin Tour National Road Cycling Competition’, Na Areum won her individual road event.

At the Asian Road Cycling Championships held in Thailand last June,

she unfortunately won a silver medal, losing to Olga Zabelinskaya, an Olympic medalist who naturalized from Russia to Uzbekistan.

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