LG, Which Seeks To Win 2 Consecutive Games By Maintaining Its Power, Could Reverse Green Light And Salary Cap

First of all, there is no competition for recruitment. 먹튀검증 As of the afternoon of the 25th, yes. Due to the salary cap system, we have no choice but to be cautious about recruiting FA. Price competition is inevitable when recruiting outside FA. Naturally, recruitment costs rise, and after recruitment, it becomes difficult to reinforce additional power due to salary caps.

For example, if a club wants Lim Chan-kyu or Ham Deok-ju, it has to offer a contract higher than the amount offered by LG. However, except for a very few clubs, salary cap space disappears when Lim Chan-kyu or Ham Deok-ju is recruited.

LG is also one of the teams close to the salary cap baseline, and it is also considered to exceed the baseline. Cha Myung-seok, head of LG, said, A lot of players want to get it. I want to give you a lot, too. However, the reality is not the case, he said, conveying the atmosphere of the negotiation table, adding, Everyone seems to be full of salary caps. That’s why there seems to be no competition yet, he said.

A year ago it was the opposite. LG was unable to protect its main catcher Yoo Kang-nam and key hitter Chae Eun-sung, who became an FA. In the face of competition for recruitment, he could not guarantee an internal FA defense in the future. Lim Chan-kyu, Ham Deok-ju, Oh Ji-hwan, and Ko Woo-seok a year later will become FA.

In the case of Ko Woo-seok, if he agrees to the U.S. challenge through posting but fails to reach the contract, he should also put it in his head. If the posting contract is not signed, Ko Woo-suk will be eligible for FA to sign with any team a year later. Another big contract is needed to not give up Ko Woo-suk to other teams in the KBO League.

In other words, there was no room in many ways. This was especially true when there was a competition for recruitment for Lim Chan-kyu or Ham Deok-ju. Kim Jae-yoon signed an FA contract up to 5.8 billion won for four years with Samsung, which caused a series of FA pitchers, but Kim Jae-yoon’s original team KT said it had no intention of recruiting outside. Two Doosan teams, LG and Hong Geon-hee, who have to protect Ham Deok-ju, faced a green light.

Lim Chan-kyu is virtually the only starting resource in the FA market. As he had a career high season this year, any team that needed a starting pitcher would covet Lim Chan-kyu. An agent unrelated to Lim Chan-kyu said before the opening of the FA market, The fact that it is the only starting resource is likely to work in Lim Chan-kyu’s favor. If a team other than LG wants Lim Chan-kyu, wouldn’t there be a competition to recruit him. I think at least one or two teams will think about strengthening the starting lineup, he also predicted.

However, the FA market opened on the 19th and a week has passed, but there is no competition. At this rate, LG, which cried about the salary cap a year ago, can laugh thanks to the salary cap. I’m not sure because it’s the FA market that can change rapidly at any time, but the current score is.C

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