Casino Rock-Remy Breaches Health Covenant

A recent report from Quebec is that one of the largest casino properties has failed to properly implement state health and safety protocols. 바카라사이트 The perpetrator of the case is the casino rock – lemi in gatino, the violation of the property was first discovered by a nursing assistant at Hull Hospital, and was later confirmed by a radio – Canadian investigation.

Current provincial health and safety rules require all casino guests and staff in Quebec to wear protective face masks. In order for individuals to enter these properties, they must also provide evidence that they are fully vaccinated. However, the Gatino facility was reported to have failed to comply with mask obligations.

Hull Hospital’s nursing assistant Linda Dumuchel was the first to report cheating at a casino property in Gatino. She explained that her first casino visit was due to her first outing, and when she was asked to present her vaccination certificate when she entered the country, she noticed that many people were not wearing their protective face masks.

Last weekend, the Radio-Canada team spent two hours at the casino and also noticed that people were talking and dancing without protective masks. According to local regulations, guests do not need to wear masks when eating or drinking, but most people did not wear masks in the process. In the meantime, no one in the staff has warned guests to wear masks again.

In response, Roto-Québec said it has always taken health and safety rules very seriously and will now send additional notifications to both employees and customers to comply with the protocol. Renaud Dugas, a spokesman, said all facilities at the Crown should follow health rules, but casino representatives declined to comment on the situation.

Dr. Riesse Viere, an epidemiologist and director of the Institute of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa, shared that this type of behavior is not surprising, given the past 20 months of unprecedented conditions. She added that while people are starting to get tired and bored by these restrictions, they must be observed, and we cannot afford to let our guard down now.

Casino Lakremi, which again became controversial in November as property disputes with employees over wage increases were still unresolved. About 80 guards and monitors threatened to go on strike out of dissatisfaction with the company’s conditions, but the casino claims it was heavily affected by the previous lockdown.

The dispute between security staff and Casino Lakremi is not recent, and actually dates back to 2019. Union CUPE 3959, which represents unhappy workers, claims casinos are capable of delivering more competitive wages compared to the first quarter of 2020-2021 and have generated nearly CA$200 million in revenue despite provincial restrictions.

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