Attend All Fall Baseball Games, NC Kim Young-gyu

‘Attend all fall baseball games’ NC Kim Young-gyu “I Have No Intention of Taking a Break at all”

1 wild card game, 2 semi-PO games, ‘perfect attendance’ and scoreless streak

Left-handed pitcher Kim Young-gyu (23), who reliably guards the NC Dinos bullpen,

is stamping ‘perfect attendance’ on this fall baseball attendance list. 카지노사이트

Starting with the first game of the wild card decision against the Doosan Bears,

he appeared in all two games of the semi-playoffs (semi-PO, 3 wins out of 5) against the SSG Landers.

The team won all three games, and Kim Young-gyu earned two wins and one hold by pitching 3⅓ innings, allowing one hit and no runs.

He was responsible for two of NC’s three wins in this fall baseball season.

Kim Young-gyu, who returned to the team earlier this month after winning a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, says, “I never get tired” even while constantly guarding the mound.

Ahead of the 3rd semi-PO match to be held at Changwon NC Park on the 25th,

Kim Young-gyu said, “It’s not just me, it’s hard for everyone.

I think positively and do my best with my teammates, so luck follows me and the results are good.”

In the NC bullpen, in addition to Kim Young-gyu,

three others, including Ryu Jin-wook and Lee Yong-chan, appeared in all games this postseason.

Kim Young-gyu said, “We block each other well, so there is no problem at all.

When we go out, we talk about doing our best to throw.”

During the regular season, we try to avoid consecutive pitches as much as possible,

but in short games where we give everything, the concept of rest days becomes rare.

Kim Young-gyu, who visited Changwon NC Park and entrusted his body to the trainer even on his rest day on the 24th,

the day of the move, will also wait in the bullpen for Game 3 on this day.

He said, “I have no intention of taking a break at all,” and expressed his determination, saying, “If I can go out, if you let me play, I will throw my best.”

He added, “Anyone can want to rest.

But we’re all having a hard time, so I shouldn’t be the only one who thinks that way.

I just want to go out and do well and win quickly.”

NC Dinos, which passed the regular season in 4th place and joined the fall baseball season,

was classified as an ‘underdog’ (a team that is inferior in terms of power in sports games).

However, they took both the first and second games of the semi-PO held in Incheon and drove SSG to the brink.

Kim Young-gyu said emphatically, “The players didn’t think we were weak.

We thought that if we did well as we prepared, the opportunity would definitely come.

That belief came together and we got the result now.”

Kim Young-gyu, who is putting everything on fire in fall baseball,

was also selected for the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) to be held in Tokyo, Japan next month.

He said, “I would definitely be honored if you were invited, and I will do my best to throw.”

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