“He kicked away his chance.”

“He kicked away his chance.”

LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yup expressed his disappointment in the return of big-league prospect Kim Bum-seok from injury. And then he gave a jab. He said he blew a golden opportunity by not being prepared as a professional player.

LG has set up a spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has been training. The team is confident after winning its first unified title in 29 years last season, and is looking to build a dynasty this season.

However, there was some disappointing news. Last season’s first-round rookie Kim Bum-seok was sent home early due to an adductor muscle injury.

Kim was expected to be a key player for Yoon this season.

He was a player that Yeom wanted to develop in earnest, including including him in the Korean Series roster last season and giving him big game experience. This year, 토토사이트 he decided to give him a chance “outright” before camp even started. “He’s a catcher, but when you ask him to play first base, you can see that he has a good baseball sense. He’s good, he’s got power, and he’s got good batting ability,” he said, praising his qualities.

The manager’s pledge to give him a chance.

Don’t misunderstand. If you think it”s a free ride without effort, you”re wrong. It was like an instruction to get in shape and join the camp.

But Kim Bum-seok entered the camp with a body that was way over his normal weight. And he got injured.

“I told him directly that he needed to lose weight,” said Yoon, who met him at the camp on Aug. 18 (KST). But he didn’t lose any weight, which increases the risk of injury.” “It’s a lack of preparation. Kim Hyun-soo, who is good at baseball, also lost a lot of weight. He should feel what he feels,” he said. Kim Hyun-soo made headlines before the camp when he showed up at the airport after losing 7 kilograms to prevent injury.

“Before the camp even started, he was basically saying, ‘You’re in the starting lineup. “We were going to start him at first base for one game a week, and the rest of the games he was going to play first base to get experience. It’s a great opportunity, and he blew it. It’s disappointing in a lot of ways,” he added.

The professional game is brutal. One person’s lost opportunity is another person’s new opportunity.

Yim has his eye on Kim Bum-seok’s replacement,

Kim Sung-jin. “He was originally a catcher, but now I’m thinking of him as a backup at first base. He has good baseball sense, so I think he can be utilized as a third baseman in the future. His hitting has improved a lot since coming to the United States.”

“I didn’t call Lee Jae-won, who was going to enlist in the military, to the first team this year because I wanted to develop Kim Bum-seok. 파워볼실시간 I wanted to give Kim Bum-seok a solid spot and make him feel more comfortable playing baseball. But now that Kim Bum-seok is gone, I have to think about the Lee Jae-won card. The manager’s whole plan got messed up,” he explained.

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