“Having a home run is also a process” … Banging 150km from the first real game! Candidate for the 5th starter in the ‘1st round’, pain is a springboard for growth

Won Won Won-hyun, a graduate of Busan High School, was selected by the KT Wiz as the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft.

Last month, Won headed to the Philippines with So Hyung-joon, Shin Bum-joon and Yuk Cheong-myung when he joined the team. He wanted to take part in a “care program” that KT prepared. After working out, Won participated in the first spring camp held at Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Gijang County, Busan, and is preparing for the second camp in Okinawa, Japan.

Won Won Won-hyun took the mound as the team’s second pitcher after William Cuevas in a practice game against the KIA Tigers at Keane Stadium on the 25th and played one inning. He allowed Yoon Do-hyun a home run after dealing with Park Chan-ho as a ground ball to shortstop and Choi Won-joon as a pitcher ground ball, but he ended the inning by inducing a ground ball against Lee Woo-sung again. Won Won-hyun made a strong impression from the first game by spraying a fast ball of 150km/h.

Won said, “I was a little nervous because it was my first time as a professional baseball player. I was worried because the weather was cold, but I stood on the mound with the mindset of showing what I prepared well. I tried to win the game aggressively even if I was hit by a batter today, but I think that part went well,” Won said. “I think homers are also a development process. I will train harder.”

“I was very nervous because it was my first real game. I was nervous but excited as well,” Won said the next day at the Keane Stadium. “My style is to set the count quickly and compete, but what I did in high school didn’t seem to work well. That’s why I trained extra with coach Je Chun-mo today.”

Extra training with coach Je Chun-mo was to tear up the pelvis. It is to develop flexibility and mobility. Won said, “It is training to tear up the pelvis while pitching. I had a hard time, especially because my pelvis was stiff.”

Kuevas, Wes Benjamin, Ko Young-pyo and Um Sang-baek will be selected in the starting rotation for KT this season. Several players will take turns to fill the starting five positions. Won Sang-hyun, a rookie, is also one of the candidates to take the mound as a fifth starter.

Won Won-hyun said, “I’m really happy that the coach always mentioned it like that. Of course, I’m under pressure, but I’ll work hard and make sure I can start. I think I also get pride.”

He continued, “My original goal was to keep wanting to be in the first team, but I think I need to set a new goal.”

The debut season is approaching. It is noteworthy whether Won Won-hyun, a role model of Sohmong-jun from the “Rookie King,” will be able to perform as well as Sohmong-jun in 2020. His time comes.

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