65 Suspects of Cyber Gambling Sent back to South Korea Jan-Nov

Of the 438 South Koreans sent abroad between January and November for criminal charges, 65 people, or 14.8 percent, were charged with “cyber gambling,” Yonhap reported Thursday, citing comments from South Korea’s National Police Agency.

The report did not specify the nature of the online gambling crime allegations.

More than half of those who returned to Korea, or 245 people, or 55.9 percent, were accused of fraud. An additional 7.1 percent, or 31 people, were charged with crimes related to violence, including assault and robbery, according to police data.

The 438 repatriators described in the report as “refugees” ranged in age from 21 to 83. The average age was 44 years, and 394 of them, or 90.0 percent, were male.

Those who returned were large for an average of eight years and eight months.

The number of returnees is 21.3% higher than the same period last year.

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