[Women’s World Cup] U.S. draws with ‘No. 2’ Germany, Bell says “show what we can do”

BRISBANE, Australia (Yonhap) – South Korea women’s national team coach Colleen Bell said she kept her promise to “show our full capabilities” after the team 바카라사이트 earned a point in their final match at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.Bell’s South Korea (17th in the FIFA rankings) drew 1-1 with Germany (second) in their third Group H match at Brisbane Stadium in Australia on Wednesday .With one draw and two losses, South Korea finished last in the group and fell short of their goal of advancing to the round of 16. However, they did manage to draw with top-ranked Germany, who were considered one of the ‘favorites’ to win the tournament. “I said we were going to play to our strengths, to our capabilities,” Bell said in the post-match press conference, “and there were a lot of dangerous moments, but our players fought very well. “In his post-match press conference after the losses to Colombia and Morocco, Bell lamented the team’s inability to translate their skills on the pitch .After taking the lead through Cho So-hyun (R) just six minutes into the match, Belo Horizonte conceded a goal in the 42nd minute of the first half, but held on for a valuable point.” So Hyun Cho did a great job scoring the first goal,” Bell said, “but I’m disappointed that we didn’t make it to the round of 16.”Bell made an unconventional tactic by starting Casey Eugene Fair (PDA), the youngest player in the tournament at 2007, and 2002-born prospect Chun Garam (Hwacheon KSPO).In this regard, Bell emphasized the importance of “young blood “I’ve already thought about how we’re going to play with Paire up front and Chun on the right. “I wanted to show the passion of the young players,” he said, “to show that we have young blood.” “Now we have to look to the future,” he added. “Now we have to look at the future. We have a lot of players in their mid-30s (in the current team), so it’s time to build a new team.” “We proved today that we can play well, but it’s time to refocus. We’ll look at our infrastructure and systems and see how we can maximize the players’ abilities,” he added. With South Korea’s draw against Germany, Colombia and Morocco (2W-1L) advanced to the round of 16 in Group H as the group’s first and second-place finishers. It was the first time in the tournament’s history that Germany was eliminated in the group stage. Bell, a British-German who coached in Germany from the late 1980s to the mid-2010s, said: “I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t think Germany would finish third in the group,” Bell admitted. “I know them as well as I know my team,” he said, adding, “I’ve been watching their games, analyzing all the scenarios, and thinking about how to respond .”Bell also commented on the rise of Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, Jamaica, and other teams perceived as “soccer’s fringe” to the round of 16.”The African teams have shown passion, physicality and mental strength. “Especially the speed and fitness,” he said, “Colombia, Morocco. There’s a new wind blowing,” he said. “I’m not surprised that Morocco beat Colombia today,” he said. “The overall level of women’s soccer in terms of fitness has increased a lot. I think the future of women’s soccer globally is bright. “Towards the end of the press conference, Bell emphasized the intensity that has become her trademark. “If you don’t play high intensity and show speed, you don’t have a chance in modern soccer,” she said. “You have to show high intensity mentally as well.” The word “high-intensity” is often used by European coaches and refers to the trend of women’s soccer becoming faster and more intense. Bell has adopted it as his philosophy and tried to transplant it to the Korean national team.” You might think it’s too much to ask for at high intensity, but that’s what you need to do on the international stage,” Bell said. “We were criticized in the media for not doing that against Colombia and Morocco. I knew they were capable of playing better,” he said .Still, he was disappointed that the team did not make it to the round of 16 as they struggled under pressure .”It’s not soccer if you let external factors affect you. You have to think about the game,” he said. “You’re always thinking about what you’re going to do next, and that’s soccer, and it’s high intensity. That’s what I’m 바카라사이트 asking the players to do.”

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