IBK Industrial Bank of Korea

BK Industrial Bank of Korea beat GS Caltex with a set score of 3-0 25-18 25-19 25-17 in the second Group B match of the Cup tournament held at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 1st.IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which won the first game against Heungkuk Life Insurance with a set score of 3-0 on the 30th of last month, won two consecutive shutout games.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which won the last match against Heungkuk Life with 17 points by Hwang Min-kyung, gave Hwang Min-kyung a break against GS Caltex. 토토사이트 Hwang Min-kyung sat side by side in the stands with her new teammate Kim Hee-jin, who was rehabilitating after undergoing knee surgery in February.

Instead, it was Pyo Seung-joo 20 points and Yuk Seo-young (18 points) who bombed GS Caltex Court in pairs.Pyo Seung-joo teased GS Caltex’s middle blocker with a 56.67% attack success rate, and there were only two offense errors.

On top of that, Kim Hyun-jung helped them with nine points, including three serve aces.On this day, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea easily played with a 45.53% team attack success rate thanks to the efficient allocation of attack by setter Kim Ha-kyung.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, where Pyo Seung-joo scored seven points in the first set, 83.33% of the attack’s success rate, and Yuk Seo-young scored eight points in the second set, easily won two sets first. In the third set, when GS Caltex chased 14-13, it widened the score by two points with a quick open attack, and also tilted the victory to a quick open that ran away with one point again in 16-14.

In 19-14, he even hit his first serve ace in the game to end the victory. GS Caltex fought hard with Kang So-hwi scoring 12 points, but fell on its knees after repeated inefficient attacks with a team attack success rate of 31.89%.

In the match held at the same venue, Heungkuk Life Insurance showed one level of skill against Supreme Chonburi, the invited team of the Thai League, and won a complete set score of 3-0 25-20 25-19 25-10. Heungkuk Life Insurance, where Volleyball Empress Kim Yeon-kyung will not participate in the cup competition, pressured Supreme with an outside heater Jung Yoon-joo’s hit.

Jung Yoon-joo made Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Avon terminal laugh by successively attacking the powerful just before and the center rear. With Jung Yoon-joo recording the most points in both teams with 17 points, Kim Mi-yeon 15 points and Park Hyun-joo 13 points formed a triangle formation to stir Supreme’s defense.

Heungkuk Life scored as many as 11 serve points, and Supreme failed to score a single serve ace. The team’s attack success rate was 51%, overwhelming Supreme, which was only 32.92%.

Supreme, a prestigious Thai league club that participated in the tournament as an overseas invited team, showed a sharp swift attack with 40-year-old veteran middle blocker Plumjit Thinkaw this year despite the absence of a large number of key players.

Plumjit scored 11 points, the most for Supreme, including two blocking points, but his junior players failed to support him.

With the match, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea confirmed its advance to the semifinals with all two wins, and Supreme 2 losses was confirmed to be eliminated. On the 3rd, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea will try to win all three group matches against Supreme, while Heungkuk Life Insurance and GS Caltex, which have one win and one loss side by side, will face off for the remaining semifinal ticket

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