PSG Uniform Designed by GD. Paris X Busan O

PSG played Game 3 of the Coupang Play Series against Jeonbuk Hyundai at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 3rd. 토토사이트 Neymar scored two goals and Marco Asensio scored one to give PSG a 3-0 victory. Jeonbuk started the rotation in the friendly match, which was caught in a hurry during the season.

The away uniform worn by the PSG team draws attention on this day. This is because Korean singer GD designed names and back numbers engraved on uniforms. PSG said it was a uniform in collaboration with GD’s brand ‘Peace Minus One’. It’s a uniform specially made for this one game only.

Each player’s name has a horizontal line in the middle. It is a design that represents the identity of the piece minus one. The back number also has a flower pattern. This is also a symbolic design of Peace Minus One. Below it, the phrase ICIC’EST BUSAN was also written in French.

The slogan of the PSG club is ICIC’EST PARIS. The phrase is written all over the PSG’s home stadium, Parc de Frans. It is also a traditional slogan that engraves this phrase not only on PSG’s uniforms but also on various goods.

However, on this day, he wrote BUSAN, not PARIS, and played. In other words, the city of Busan was widely known to the world. Before coming to Korea, PSG played pre-season friendly matches in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, when OSAKA or TOKYO were not written on their uniforms.

The rare uniform was also very popular with the opposing team Jeonbuk players. PSG star Neymar’s uniform was taken by Jeonbuk Brazilian striker Gustavo. Gustavo said, Look whose uniform I got. It’s a great honor to receive this uniform, he said, sharing a photo with Neymar.

Moon Sun-min also wanted a Neymar uniform. However, Gustavo took the lead in the uniform by talking to Neymar in advance before the game. Moon exchanged his uniform with Ser Ndur, who uses the same number as his back number (27). Baek Seung-ho and Hong Jung-ho took the uniform of PSG’s first Korean player Lee Kang-in. The Ashraf Hakimi uniform was received by Ahn Hyun-bum.

GD, who designed the PSG team’s special uniform, wrote on his social media SNS, PSG and Jeonbuk Hyundai team, good job until the end of today’s game, and I will continue to support both teams!

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