Support for Kim Do-young and blow up the KBO League

Na Sung-bum is showing the possibility of a benefactor FA properly. Na Sung-bum, who hit .320 21 home runs in 144 games last year, lost much of his game due to injury early this season. It was such a high-priced FA and high expectations that it was regrettable. However, Na Sung-bum has been paying for the money properly since his return from injury. 토토사이트 Maybe it’s because I took a good rest and worked out hard. As the weather gets hotter, his sense of hitting is getting hotter as well.

As soon as he returned at the end of the first half, he recorded 37 hits, 9 home runs, and 23 RBIs in 115 at-bats, with a batting average of 0.366. On top of that, the OPS is 1.138 with a slugging percentage of 0.703 and an on-base percentage of 0.435. WRC+, which is drawing attention these days, reaches 221.7.

In yesterday’s game, Na Sung-bum was active with three hits in five at-bats, hitting a two-run home run against Jang Min-jae. In the game the day before yesterday, he recorded a ridiculous on-base percentage of one hit and five walks in six at-bats. He recorded all at-bats on base. The recent nuclear explosion of KIA’s batters is largely due to Na Sung-bum’s clear focus.

KIA has been on a winning streak since the end of the first half, catching up to 1.5 games in third place. In particular, the percussion power shown in the second half is formidable. It’s close to the top of the league. It is Na Sung-beam that leads this batting line. His batting average has been 0.619 for the past week. His batting average in the second half also reached 0.429. Recently, he has a lot of walks and RBIs. It is safe to say that he is a flawless hitter.

Na Sung-beom’s existence does not end simply with his existence. Kim Do-young’s real mentor is Na Sung-bum. Kim Do-young is transforming into a central batter-type player rather than a leadoff this season. He actively hits the ball he likes when it comes. This type of hit has a lot of room for attraction. However, with Na Sung-bum behind them, opposing pitchers have more room for a head-to-head match with relatively comfortable (?) Kim Do-young, and are showing better performance than No. 1 after being fixed in the second batting order. In the first batting order, Kim Do-young had 22 at-bats and no 0.317 walks. However, as he came in the second batting order, he had a .337 batting average, two home runs, and more stolen bases. Sun’s eyes got better, too. There is certainly room for relaxation. It’s the halo of a reliable senior named Na Sung-bum.

Outside of the game, Na Sung-bum is a strong guardian of Kim Do-young. Kim Do-young said, “In fact, I have lacked upper body since high school. And I used to lift a lot of light weights, but I changed to a style that intensively lifts heavy things following Sung-beom. Then, I feel my upper body has grown,” he said, changing to a Sungbeom school praiseist.

Seeing Na Sung-bum’s performance like this, it is inevitable that the first half is disappointing. This is because it is clear that if such a batter had been around since the beginning of the season, he could have performed much better. Even if Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates are excluded, it is definitely Na Sung-beom’s effect that the batters look full.

Thanks to the silent strong league’s best No. 4 hitter, the KIA Tigers’ third-place operation is also currently cruising. KIA followed Doosan and NC in third place by 1.5 games with their nuclear batting line. Since KIA is the team with the most games left, the competition is expected to continue until the end of the season. In addition, KIA also proves the lesson that the best batters in the league should be bold.

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