Kim Seohyun’s Starting Debut

The Hanwha Eagles will finally operate a 160-kilometer domestic one-two punch. Following Moon Dong-joo 20, who shot up to 160.1km, Kim Seo-hyun 19, who threw 160km fastball in his debut, will join the starting lineup. 토토사이트 Attention is focusing on whether it will work as a winning move in Hanwha’s bid for the top five.

Head coach Choi Won-ho announced that he will make his debut as a starting pitcher next week by calling up special rookie Kim Seo-hyun, who is in the starting class for the Futures team before the Gwangju KIA match on the 5th. The schedule also came out. It is a match against KT Wiz in Suwon on the 10th. It is his debut schedule considering that there are many right-handed batters in the KT centerline.

Coach Choi said, Seohyun is the best among Futures starters. There was an error when throwing with sidearm and three quarters during the pitching motion. The release point was fixed by fixing the arm height with a three-quarter. Seohyun decided to play in the match against KT because he liked to start against the right-handed line rather than the left-handed line, he said.

Coach Choi Won-ho has high expectations for the two young guns, who average more than 150 kilometers. Moon Dong-joo has already finished solid training last year and has pitched in 18 games since the opening game of this year, throwing 93 innings, recording 6 wins and 7 losses and a 3.48 ERA. He is showing a strong presence on the mound, shooting an average of 152 to 153 kilometers.

Coach Choi said, I thought it would take several years for Dong-ju to settle down. He throws an average of 152 to 153 kilometers, so if he doesn’t deviate much, the bat can be seen to be pushed. NC Park Kun-woo is good at fastballs, but he’s behind. I felt that I was competitive even if I was not on the borderline if I was pushed by a batting count fastball, he said.

It can be said that Kim Seo-hyun was converted to a starter in that Moon Dong-ju’s fastball worked. Kim Seo-hyun was judged to be suitable for relief and used it as a bullpen for the first division at the beginning of the opening. However, he showed no strength as his control was shaken. In the end, he sent him down to the Futures team and turned him into a starting pitcher.

Coach Choi said, Seohyun also has an average speed of 150km in the Futures game. To be honest, few pitchers domestic players throw more than 150 kilometers on average in the KBO League. It works even if you hit 147-148 kilometers. Except for the two players, it’s only Ahn Woo-jin, he said, secretly boasting a 150km young gun duo.

If Kim Seo-hyun becomes a starting pitcher after Moon Dong-joo, it will be a thousand troops. As Peña and Sanchez’s foreign one-two punches are also strong, they can be a big driver for the semifinals. In addition, there is a problem with Moon Dong-joo’s inning limit 120 innings, so Kim Seo-hyun may be an alternative. Attention is focusing on Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun punches in that they may emerge as a beam duo of Korean baseball.

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