KIA 1R Right-hander Cho Dae-hyun Scored the Final Goal

We must have limited information and select better resources. That’s the mission of scouting officials, and that’s why they’ve suffered this year. In particular, these days, it has become more important to raise new players well due to FA inflation. This is why many professional baseball officials are paying attention to rookie drafts.

This year, the pitcher has been very strong so far. Pitchers are expected to be overwhelmingly strong. 토토 First of all, TOP 5 remains the same. Hwang Joon-seo Jangchung High School, Kim Taek-yeon Incheon High School, Jeon Mir Gyeongbuk High School, Yuk Seon-yeop Jangchung High School, and Kim Hwi-gun Hwi-moon High School have a solid composition. There is no room for change.

The question is from number six. The composition varies depending on which player you choose from the Kia Tigers. KIA agonized over Won Sang-hyun Busan High School and Cho Dae-hyun Gangneung High School. As KIA chooses Cho Dae-hyun, Won Sang-hyun is expected to be chosen by kt naturally. For kt, the most preferred candidate is Won Sang-hyun. He has a firm will to do it if Won Sang-hyun comes down in order.

At first, Kiwoom considered one fielder and one pitcher as the strongest, but the possibility of two pitchers, not the fielder, is very high. It is highly likely that the Seoul area’s ace Kim Yoon-ha and Jeon Joon-pyo will be nominated one after another. SSG sees a left-hander and an infielder. The candidate for the left-handed pitcher is college graduate Chung Hyun-soo, and the candidate for the fielder is Park Ji-hwan. Park Ji-hwan has good shoulders and fast feet as an outfielder Analysts say that he can use it quickly because he is a player with good contact skills.

If you nominate a fielder, there is a 100% chance of Park Ji-hwan. However, SSG is also watching college graduate Chung Hyun-soo. Currently, Park Ji-hwan and Jung Hyun-soo are at the crossroads of SSG’s choice. One of the two is chosen by SSG. The current probability is that Park Ji-hwan is more likely than Chung Hyun-soo. The keywords that dominate the second round are college graduates and left-handed. The keyword that comes to mind in the second round is left-handed. The second round is an unpredictable area.

At this point, there is no left-hander like Cho Dong-wook, and Hanwha’s left-hander is absolutely necessary due to the team’s composition. Therefore, it is the field air that Hanwha is likely to be Cho Dong-wook no matter who comes.

An official from the parent club said, We don’t expect the second round. However, Hanwha is full of right-handed pitchers. There are also many infielders. Because the team’s composition requires a left-hander, I think Cho Dong-wook’s chances are high even if anyone comes down. It is also an opportunity for genius to be able to pick good left-handed players one after another, he said.

Hanwha is unlikely to win the right to nominate No. 1 overall next year, so some predict that Hanwha may catch a left-handed pitcher until the 3rd round this year. Representatively, Kim Min-kyun of Gyeonggi High School and Son Hyun-ki of Jeonju High School are considered representative candidates. The next players are Park Joon-yong (Su Sung-dae) and Lim Sang-hyun Daegu Sangwon. In other words, they are the most at stake in Samsung and NC. Since Park Joon-yong is a two-year student, he is popular because his age difference is not much higher than that of high school graduates and his ball power and control are excellent.

Lim Sang-hyun is considered the most complete among second-round right-handers among high school graduates. So far, the situation is that these two players are mentioned as the Maginot Line in the top 2R.Other than that, it’s fierce competition. It is impossible to predict from then on if it exceeds the second round lieutenant. Among the fielders, Lee Jae-sang Seongnam High School, Lee Sang-joon Gyeonggi High School, and Im Jong-sung Gyeongbuk High School) are mentioned a lot as second-round players.

On the pitcher’s side, in addition to Cho Dong-wook, Park Joon-yong, and Lim Sang-hyun mentioned above, Yuk Cheong-myung Gangneung High School, Park Joon-woo Yoo Shin-ho, and Jin Woo-young former Kansas City are the players who are talking about the second round.

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