Kim Kwang-hyun, Who Was Nominated For The First Place Overall For The Hanwha Eagles

Hwang Joon-seo was first called to Hanwha in the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft held at the Westin Chosun Seoul Grand Ballroom in Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th. Hwang Joon-seo, who is 187cm and 80kg in good physical condition, uses splitters, sliders and curves for a fast ball that is nearly 150km long. His physique and pitching style are said to remind him of Kim Kwang-hyun’s high school days. In 15 high school baseball games this season, he recorded outstanding results with 6 wins, 2 losses and a 2.16 ERA. He is praised for being the most complete amateur pitcher.

Hwang Joon-seo said, I still can’t believe it. I’m so happy that my hands and feet are shaking, he said adding, I think Hanwha’s uniform suits me well. I thank my parents for supporting me for eight years of baseball. 스포츠토토 I want to thank all my parents for their support, he said. I will always do my best and become a necessary player in the team.

Our scouts recommended Hwang Joon-seo all year round, said Son Hyuk, head of the team. He is the pitcher everyone wants. I will be a pitcher who wants more in the future, he said.

The Doosan Bears picked Incheon High School right-hander Kim Taek-yeon as the second overall pick. Kim Taek-yeon’s strength is a fast ball in the early 150km range. In the high school league, he defended the mound of Incheon High School with 7 wins, 1 loss, and a 1.13 ERA in 13 games. It is evaluated that he resembles Ko Woo-suk, the best closer in the KBO League.

Kim Taek-yeon said, It’s a position I’ve dreamed of since I was young. I’m so happy to be nominated by a good club called the Doosan Bears, he said adding, I tried not to think as much as possible, but I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t sleep well.

Kim Tae-ryong, head of Doosan, said, I’ve been tracking several players since spring, but Kim Taek-yeon has shown consistency, adding, There are no injuries, good control, and excellent speed. I expect to grow into a stopper as early as two to three years.

The third-ranked Lotte Giants chose Jeon Mir, a pitcher and batter at Gyeongbuk High School. Sung Min-kyu, head of the team, said, He has excellent motor skills enough to digest all pitching and hitting. He gave a high score for his outstanding desire to win on the field.

Jeon Mir said, I’m honored that Lotte, where Choi Dong-won, who I respect, picked me, adding, It’s not as much as Choi Dong-won, but I’ll work hard to keep up with even half of him.

Samsung Lions named Jangchung High School right-hander Yuk Sun-yeop as the fourth overall pick. The NC Dinos, ranked fifth overall, picked Whimoon High School right-hander Kim Hwi-gun. The KIA Tigers, who have the right to nominate sixth place in the first round, called the name of right-hander Cho Dae-hyun. KT Wiz, ranked seventh overall, named Busan High School right-hander Won Sang-hyun.

During the season, Kiwoom Heroes, which holds the LG Twins’ first-round nomination rights through Choi Won-tae Lee Joo-hyung and Kim Dong-kyu trades, exercised the 8th and 9th overall nomination rights one after another. Kiwoom chose Seoul High School right-hander Jeon Joon-pyo as the eighth place and named Jangchung High School right-hander Kim Yoon-ha as the ninth place. Jangchung High School produced three pitchers, Hwang Joon-seo, Yuk Sun-yeop, and Kim Yoon-ha, proving that they are “a famous pitcher.

The SSG Landers, ranked 10th in the first round, named shortstop Park Ji-hwan, who was considered the biggest player in high school baseball. He was the only fielder selected in the first round of the draft.

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