SLGA Still Investigating December Cyberattack

Most recently, the Saskatchewan Mainstream Game Authority also known as SLGA said it was still investigating last Christmas’s cyberattack. 우리카지노탑 The security breach occurred on December 25, 2021 and targeted IT systems. SLGA said its investigation so far may have leaked information from some customers.

SLGA said it suffered an online breach last Christmas, and the company targeted IT systems and that hackers had access to some information about them. Usually, these systems collect information from employees, such as names, bank information, and social security numbers. However, it is unclear how much data was exposed by cyberattacks.

Last Tuesday, SLGA announced that it was directly informing regulated customers who have provided sensitive information over the past five years. In a recent statement, the company explained that information may include birthplace, driver’s license, height, weight, eye color, employment history, and even a customer’s criminal record.

In a press release, SLGA also indicates that some of the hacker’s access information may also include financial statements collected as part of the licensing process for commercial liquor, cannabis, or gaming/racing licenses. The company chose to inform customers after cyber experts discovered that some information had been posted on the dark web.

SLGA said it sent a letter to a group of customers, which provided credit monitoring over the next two years and also initiated an indirect notification process for two groups of customers: regulated customers who provided sensitive information more than five years ago and those who provided less sensitive data.

The statement confirmed that the corporation has been responding to the aftermath of the cyberattack since last Christmas and that the investigation is expected to continue in the future, and if further information about the leak is found in the ongoing investigation, SLGA will issue another public statement to inform the customer base.

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