Windsor Local Wins Lotto Max Lotto $35 Million Canadian Dollars

This month, Lotto Max’s jackpot reached a maximum of C$70 million again, and the huge jackpot was quickly billed by two ticket holders in Canada. According to the Ontario Lottery and Game Company, the first winner is in Windsor, Ontario. The Crown Company advised everyone in the area to double-check their tickets.

Lotto Max is a popular choice among Canadian lottery winners and has produced many lottery millionaires throughout Canada over the years. It is drawn twice every Tuesday and Friday. On the other hand, the jackpot can hit an astonishing 70 million Canadian dollars, and once the jackpot reaches 50 million Canadian dollars, there are also a few Max million jackpots.

Shortly after the lottery on June 6, 2023, OLG released a statement saying that a ticket holder from Ontario had won half of the $70 million Canadian windfall. The winning ticket was purchased at Windsor. Tony Beatonty of OLG said it is important for ticket holders to verify their tickets to lottery retailers who will pass through lottery terminals.

Mr. Vitonti noted that The Crown knows where the winning tickets were sold, what time they were bought, and other details used to verify. However, it is important for the winners to verify their names because the group still does not know their names, so they can receive an extra-large prize worth C$35 million.

Meanwhile, the British Columbia Lottery announced that the other half of the lottery Max jackpot of 70 million Canadian dollars belonged to one of its players. This time, the lucky winner resides in Victoria. The winning combination of the lottery is 04, 07, 13, 16, 31, 32, and 36, and the bonus number is 26. Players must check their tickets from the draw on June 6.

However, there were a few other ticket holders who won some formidable victories in the final draw of the national game. First, a local in Kitty Mart won C$564,000 by matching six numbers from the draw. Meanwhile, a Richmond player will share the Max million prize money with a ticket holder from Quebec. They’re going home with a nice half a million Canadian dollars each.

Recently, OLG also issued a notification in last year’s Lotto Max hit that a CA$70,000,000 jackpot has yet to be claimed. Players will be able to win prizes for 52 weeks from the date of the draw, which will expire on June 28, 2023. OLG says the ticket was purchased in Scarborough, but the winner appeared and has not yet been claimed.

Shortly after Crown issued the statement, Mr Beatonty said the OLG had received hundreds of calls regarding a major windfall. He explained that some of the 760 ticket-related calls included general inquiries about tickets and individuals who claimed to be ticket owners but lost them and said they could not be found.

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