I’m on my way to a good process and I’m looking forward to Jung Ji-heon’s development

LG beat the NC Dinos 11-7 at an exhibition game held at NC Dinos Park in Changwon on Tuesday local time. Veteran catcher Huh Do-hwan was outstanding. He gave a finishing hit in the top of the eighth inning and a sacrifice fly in the top of the ninth inning, invigorating his offense by making one hit and two RBIs in one at-bats. Starting with Lee Jong-joon (three runs in ⅓ innings), starter Son Joo-young allowed four hits (one homer) and two strikeouts and two walks in four innings. Starting with Choi Dong-hwan (one scoreless ⅔ in one inning), Jeong Ji-heon (one scoreless inning), Kim Jin-sung (one scoreless inning), and Kim Yoo-young (two runs in one inning) blocked NC`s batters.

The two teams staged a fierce battle. They fought back and forth, and LG’s rifle overcame NC’s cannon. LG gave up home runs to Park Gun-woo (solo shot in the bottom of the third inning) and Kwon Hee-dong (three-run shot in the bottom of the fifth inning), but the team displayed cohesion. The team defeated NC by scoring 14 hits and 11 runs.

“The batting line is going well in general. I was looking forward to the growth of backup players, but I think it will be important to narrow the gap between the starting lineups and the starting lineups in exhibition games and regular seasons as well,” Yeom said after the game.

Backup players displayed stellar performance as well as their starting pitchers on the day. Heo Do-hwan (finisher, two RBIs) and Choi Won-young (two hits), who played as substitutes, showed off their presence even in few chances.

The bullpen pitcher also displayed outstanding performance. Jung Ji-hun, who is closely watched by Yeom, perfectly blocked three batters in the top of the seventh inning: Song Seung-hwan (ground ball to shortstop), Do Tae-hoon (ground ball to second baseman), and Choi Woo-jae (swing strikeout). Starting pitcher Son Joo-young overcame his anxiety over his early control and lasted four innings to contribute to his team’s victory.

Coach Yeom said, “Son Joo-young made a difficult pitch because he couldn’t control it in the beginning, but he is going through the process well and I hope he will pitch more aggressively in the rest of the game.” Jung Ji-heon said, “It was good to see him deal with left-handed hitters by mixing changeups properly today (15th), and I look forward to seeing him develop further in the remaining exhibition games.”

Many away fans visited NC Dinos Park even at a distance from Seoul to Changwon. They sent messages of support to the players. “Thank you to the fans who came all the way to the away game and cheered for us,” Yeom said.

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