MLB San Diego General Manager, Kim Ha-seong Plays a Big Part

MLB San Diego General Manager, “Kim Ha-seong Plays a Big Part, But the Contract Extension is…”

AJ Preller, general manager of MLB’s San Diego Padres, highly evaluated Ha-sung Kim’s value, but was reluctant to extend his contract.

In an interview with American media such as on the 14th (Korean time), General Manager Preller said, “Ha-sung Kim is a huge part of our team,” and added, “If we are to achieve good results, Ha-sung Kim must be in the center of the green diamond.” He expressed it.

This clearly acknowledges the presence of Kim Ha-seong, who won a Gold Glove last year as an all-purpose fielder who plays all infield positions except first base.

However, General Manager Preller only repeated basic answers regarding Kim Ha-seong’s trade and extension contract. 카지노 pointed out that considering Kim Ha-seong’s contract situation and San Diego’s abundance of infield resources, trade rumors surrounding Kim Ha-seong were rampant in the Stove League.

For Kim Ha-seong, who signed a 4+1 year contract with San Diego, 2024 is the last year of his guaranteed contract.

At the end of this year, he can enter the free agent market or activate the option to sign an additional one-year contract with San Diego.

The majority of views are focused on the fact that Kim Ha-seong will declare free agency.

General Manager Preller said that he would listen to trade requests from various clubs, but that he would not push for Kim Ha-seong’s trade unreasonably.

Regarding the contract extension, he said, “We will not disclose the details, but we let Kim Ha-seong know that we ‘value’ him, and Kim Ha-seong understood this.”

He added, “What will happen in the next few months is up to us and Kim Ha-seong.

“It will be decided between his agents,” he said.

If the San Diego team has expressed its intention to extend the contract to Ha-seong Kim, the amount of money will ultimately determine whether the contract will be concluded.

San Diego suffered financial difficulties last year to the extent that it had to borrow money from outside to cover club operating expenses.

In addition, there are many long-term contractees on the team, so it is unclear how much they can invest in Ha-seong Kim.

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