Smallest Football Pitch In The Premier League

The smallest football pitch in the Premier League currently belongs to Sheffield United. Due to the constraints at Bramall Lane, the Blades were given permission to play in the top flight with a pitch that is just 112 yards long by 72 yards wide, which is the narrowest pitch in the division. The shortest pitches in the league belong to Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Liverpool (all 110 yards long). The tight environment at Selhurst Park and Anfield two of the oldest stadiums in the league – account for the smaller pitches at those grounds.

Everything we’ve discussed so far relates to the pitch size for adult football. But there are smaller pitch sizes prescribed for age group and small-sided football matches. 토토 The biggest changes to youth football pitch sizes came ahead of the 2013/14 season, when the small-sided match formats were introduced for under-7s and under-11s, with under-8s and under-12s following the season after.

At the same time, age appropriate goal sizes were introduced to put an end to tiny goalkeepers being persistently chipped in full-size goals. Here are the recommended pitch sizes set out by the Football Association for youth football in England.

Mini-Soccer (Under-7 and Under-8)

For this age group, it is recommended that teams play five vs five on a pitch that is 40 yards long by 30 yards wide.

Mini-Soccer (Under-9 and Under-10)

For this age group, it is recommended that teams play seven vs seven on a pitch that is 60 yards long by 40 yards wide.

Under-11 and Under-12

For this age group, it is recommended that teams play nine vs nine on a pitch that is 80 yards long by 50 yards wide.

Under-13 and Under-14

For this age group, it is recommended that teams play 11-a-side on a pitch that is 90 yards long by 55 yards wide.

The measures are also intended to improve the quality of the play, with players able to deploy short passing and dribbling rather than chasing a long ball up a pitch of the same dimensions as those used by professional players.

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