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Recently, iGaming Ontario released its first-quarter report on the state’s regulated online gambling market. 릴게임 In summary, local players have invested much more money in online casino games than sports-related bets. The iCasino segment generated C$11.6 billion of its total volume, while sports betting accounted for C$2 billion.

The state opened an online gaming segment for private operators on April 4, 2022, allowing licensed brands to legally offer casino games, sports betting and poker to local audiences. Oversighted by Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Board and its subsidiary iGaming Ontario, the total bet for the first quarter of this fiscal year was about CA$14 billion.

The report explained that online casino games captured C$11.6 billion of the quarterly betting volume. This includes games such as slot, live and computer-based table games, and peer-to-peer bingo. Sports Betting And Poker Gets C$2B And C$350M Handle. Together, these three handles delivered C$545 million in gaming revenue.

However, some experts, such as Nigel Turner, a scientist at the Toronto-based Center for Addiction and Mental Health, are concerned about the growing popularity of iGaming. He commented that the province was overflowing with sports betting ads and argued that with the growing popularity, more people could cause gambling-related problems.

However, Attorney General spokesman Andrew Kennedy said the state is investing C$31 million annually to combat problem gambling. More than C$25 million is spent on treatment programs, and the rest is reserved for education and prevention. Mr. Turner reminded gamblers that it is important to know that there is always a way to get help.

Andrew Kim, an assistant professor of psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University, said the new numbers give a sense of how much eye-gaming is happening, unlike before the regulatory field began. He is concerned about the provision of iCasino because professional sports events are available 24 hours a day, unlike sports betting held at certain times.

Previously, David Hodgins, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Calgary and coordinator of Alberta Gaming Laboratory Sports Betting, developed in a very similar way to slot machines because of its availability and the ability to bet on almost anything. Saying that both products have similar addictive properties for players.

Michael Narain, an associate professor of sports management at Brock University, noted that sports betting may have caught the eye of experts, but according to him, it is a red herring because casino games are the bigger culprit. This is because of their constant availability and they can also be done essentially anywhere and they don’t require much time.

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