Kane’s trip to Munich, Decided at High-Level Talks

It is reported that Harry Kane 30, Tottenham, a leading striker in the English Professional Football Premier League EPL, has only one crisis left before moving to Bayern Munich, a strong team in the German Bundesliga. 토토사이트

Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 30th that Kane is on the verge of transferring to Munich. As long as high-level negotiations between Munich CEO Jan-Christian Dressen, Munich Technical Director Marco Neppe and Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy are completed well, he said, making Kane’s trip to Munich a fait accompli.

Munich are currently in disagreement with Tottenham over the terms of their transfer. Munich offered 75 million pounds about 123 billion won for Kane’s transfer fee, but Tottenham wants 90 million pounds about 147 billion won. And yet Munich is confident of a successful negotiation. This is because Kane, whose contract with Tottenham expires next summer, has shown no intention of renewing his contract. This summer is Tottenham’s last chance to sell Kane and earn a large transfer fee. Kane could be lost to a rival team next summer without a transfer fee. Even if Kane’s transfer fee offered by Munich is not satisfactory, it is difficult to turn a blind eye.

Kane scored 213 goals in 317 regular league matches and 280 goals in 435 matches, including the Cup, in Tottenham’s uniform. It is a milestone that ranks second in the Premier League career and first in the Tottenham club, respectively. Kane wants to leave Tottenham because of his desire to win. Tottenham has not won various tournaments for a long time, including the FA Cup and the European Champions League, as well as the Premier League. Munich, on the other hand, not only won the league title but also lifted the trophy in the European club competition. If Kane leaves for Munich, it is no longer possible to see a combination play with Son Heung-min, who set the record for the most joint goals 47 goals in EPL history. Instead, he will work with Munich’s “monster defender” Kim Min-jae on offense and defense.

Tottenham’s substitute Kane’s transfer is expected to have a significant impact on Son Heung-min. Captain Hugo Lloris 37 is also scheduled to leave the team, so a reorganization of the captain’s team is inevitable. Son Heung-min is considered the first candidate for Tottenham’s next captain. Son Heung-min, who communicates with all members of the team, is a player who shows true leadership, said Enje Postecoglou, Tottenham’s new head coach. He is highly respected by the players, he said. The Daily Mail analyzed that coach Postecoglou hinted at Son Heung-min’s appointment as the next captain.

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