PSG make third ‘stop-loss operation’ on Mbappe.

PSG make third ‘stop-loss operation’ on Mbappe.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are thoroughly cutting ties with Kylian Mbappe. The French club have made another move for a striker to fill the void left by Mbappe.

According to a report by SportsBrief, “PSG have increased their chances of signing Benfica striker Gonzalo Ramos. PSG have already signed two forwards to fill the void left by Mbappe,” the publication reported.

‘Kylian Mbappe has plans to stay at PSG this season, but the club is putting all its focus on strengthening its squad to keep him out of the lineup. With the departure of Lionel Messi, PSG have been in the market for a number of forwards, including a La Liga duo in Lee and Marco Asensio. They have reached an agreement with Benfica for the signing of Gonzalo Ramos and are expected to complete the deal soon.

Transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano added: “PSG and Benfica are close to an agreement. The signing of Gonzalo Ramos is only a matter of time. The transfer fee is reportedly around €80 million.

PSG have already signed Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona, and Randy Kolo Moani could also join them.

Already, PSG has declared a ‘stop-loss’ on Mbappe. They have removed him from their Asian tour roster and removed all traces of him from the PSG club’s website.

The five players listed on the main page are Lee Kang-in, Marco Verratti, Neymar, Marquinhos, and Lucas Hernandez. Mbappe is not one of them.

PSG and Mbappe signed a three-year contract last season. He has a player option in the final year of the contract. Mbappe can either stay at PSG or leave the club as an outright free agent.

This means that PSG will have to re-sign Mbappe this summer. Next summer, Mbappe will be eligible for free agency and can leave the club without a transfer fee. PSG are already convinced that “Mbappe and Real Madrid have signed a transfer agreement for next summer”.

The analysis is that the interests of Mbappe, who wants to maximize his salary, and Real Madrid, who want to avoid an astronomical transfer fee due to financial limitations, are aligned.

In the end, Mbappe chose to stay at PSG this summer, but he has no intention of renewing his contract, leading PSG president Al-Khelaifi to say that the club “cannot afford to let the best player in the world go without a transfer fee. This means that Mbappe has a choice: re-sign or leave this summer. However, Mbappe is not budging. Despite the possibility of a first-team exclusion, Mbappe hasn’t budged. PSG’s biggest task this summer is to move Mbappe.

Proposals include a one-year loan to Liverpool, a 3+1 swap deal with Barcelona, and a one-year deal with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal. However, Mbappe quickly rejected a move to Saudi Arabia. For PSG, Barcelona’s 3+1 swap deal is not satisfactory. 파워볼

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