7th Year Must-Win Team’s Strong Confidence

Doosan Bears sidearm Park Chi-guk 25 is looking forward to pitching next season. After graduating from Jemulpo High School, he joined Doosan in the 10th place in the first round of the second rookie draft in 2017, and this year became his 7th year as a professional. 토토사이트 As of the 9th, only four Korean players are older than Park Chi-guk in the Doosan first-tier pitcher entry this year, including Hong Gun-hee 31, Kim Kang-ryul 35, Lee Hyung-beom 29 and Kim Myung-shin (30). I’m not just young in the team anymore. Including Lee Young-ha 26 and Choi Won-jun (29), who are reorganizing in the second division.

Park Chi-guk got married in December last year and started a family in earnest, making him a little more mature than his peers. Since I became a father of my first daughter born in 2020 and my second son born in 2022, my mindset on the mound has become a little heavier. Of course, the team’s performance is the top priority right now, but I don’t think I can instill faith in my family as a head of household if I don’t hold out on the mound. This is why he stands on the mound with his child’s footprints on the inside of his left arm and glove.

Is it because of the changed mindset. Park Chi-guk has established himself as a clear mainstay of this year’s must-win group. He is active in 46 games with 4 wins and 2 losses, 9 holds, 39⅓ innings, and a 2.52 ERA. Since the match against the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes on June 24, he has continued his scoreless streak in 14 consecutive games 12 innings. During the same period, he is producing the most stable results on the mound with Kim Myung-shin 16 games, 20 innings, ERA 1.35.

When asked about the secret of this year’s rebound, Park Chi-guk said, I think it’s because I have a sense of responsibility. I think it’s because I have a family, and I threw it off the mound thinking about my daughter and son, he said.

As an extension of his sense of responsibility, he brought up the story of pitching team leader. Park Chi-guk said, “I told the team that I want to pitch next year, and everyone knows. Actually, I wanted to be a team leader from this year. It seemed that if you were a leader, you would have a sense of responsibility and have a different mindset to do well. I’ve always had a little bit of a down time in the second division due to injury or sluggishness. I wanted to be a team leader because I thought it would be good to put another weight on leading the team. This year, Hong Gun-hee will do it, and next year, I will do it. Gunhee told me to do it, he explained.

Hong Kun-hee, the current pitching manager, agreed with Park Chi-guk on a conditional basis. Hong Gun-hee said, Park Chi-guk said you can do it if you want to do it. However, I asked the pitchers to get consent, but the response was not good, he said with a smile. It doesn’t matter if Chi-guk does well. Personally, I think it would be better if Kim Myung-shin or Choi Won-jun took charge first and then took steps and Chi-guk did it. But Chi-guk really wanted to do it. I think you can do it if you can do it responsibly. I think we should take more initiative and actively take the lead than now. If I put down the team leader after the season, it’s a matter for pitchers to decide at that time, he added.

Doosan pitching coach Kwon Myung-chul also agreed with Hong Gun-hee’s idea that he should take the initiative. Coach Kwon said, You can make a pitching team leader. I’ve seen Park Chi-guk since I was young, so I keep looking at him, and he looks about 23 years old, but he’s gotten older laugh. You may do it. If you’re a team leader, you’ll have to take the lead and work hard. Then it will also help Chi-guk, he said.

In order to become the pitching team leader next season as Park Chi-guk wishes, he must now have the body and skills to continue to play full-time in the first division. Park Chi-guk repeated rehabilitation and return several times from 2020 to last year due to elbow pain. In July 2021, he was on the operating table. It is important to maintain your current performance while taking good care of your elbows in good health.

In that sense, there is a thought that has changed on the mound these days. Let’s not worry about restraint. With the advice of coach Kwon and pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon, who is currently in the second division, he decided to pay more attention to the end of the ball than to the ball, and he started to perform well steadily.

Park Chi-guk said, In the beginning, I paid a little attention to restraint. When I consulted and analyzed with the coach, I thought I needed to have more ball ends, so I boldly gave up my ball speed and tried to play with ball ends. As a result, I naturally got arrested, he said.

Coach Kwon said, Chi-guk was a good pitcher because he had anxiety in his elbow after rehabilitation last year. As expected, he threw his arm up in April, and when I came to the first division, he threw his arm down. Yang Eui-ji said, Your ball is a good ball when the movement is rolled in. No matter how well the ball speed is taken on the outside, the batter doesn’t hit because it comes in low,’ he said. When it was bad between April and May, he was arrested, but he had a lot of walks and did not know his balance. Now I think I’ve got my point, he praised.

I’ve seen Chi-guk since he was young, and he’s greedy. I think I just need to get arrested, but Myungshin’s good performance is a command. What’s the point of Lee Young-ha coming out 154km. Chi-guk should also watch ball movements. Whether you throw 148km or 144km, you need to have a good ball-end movement to overwhelm the batter anyway. That’s how we grow, he said, stressing that Park Chi-guk should not lose his current direction.

Will Park Chi-guk take the lead on the mound and inside the clubhouse as advised by Hong Gun-hee and coach Kwon to win the votes of pitchers. The reason for his confidence that he can be the pitching captain next year has been proven to some extent. I wonder if I can continue to play until the end of the season to gain trust and be recognized as the leader of the pitching group.

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