Heungkuk Coach Who Abandoned His Responsibility As a Coach

Before leaving the country, Lee Da-young appeared in front of domestic reporters. It has been about two and a half years since he left Heungkuk Life Insurance publicly in front of many reporters. 토토 Lee Da-young left the team in 2021 due to controversy over school violence in middle school. Since then, he has held individual media interviews, but this is the first time he has stood in front of several reporters.

On this day, Lee Da-young brought up a very shocking story. This happened to Heungkuk Life Insurance by apologizing for the school violence. Lee Da-young did not reveal a specific player’s name. He said, The player, but the person involved in the discord is Kim Yeon-kyung.

Lee Da-young talked about Kim Yeon-kyung like this. I think I did this a certain action to that player, but he never hit me on the cheek when he was in Heungkuk Life Insurance. There have been such things.

I doubted my ears when I heard the on-site comment recorded by My Daily. Kim Yeon-kyung never hit Lee Dayoung’s ball? That’s because it didn’t make sense.

Lee Da-young joined Heungkuk Life Insurance, where Kim Yeon-kyung played, as an FA after the 2019-2020 season. And it was in February 2021 that the incident broke out. Then, Kim Yeon-kyung did not hit Lee Da-young’s ball for more than half a year. In volleyball, a team event, not an individual event, the striker didn’t hit the setter’s ball, either?

As a result of the confirmation, there was an error in Lee Da-young’s comment. In the game, Kim Yeon-kyung attacked Lee Da-young’s toss. Kim Yeon-kyung and Lee Da-young pretended to work together because if they hadn’t attacked, it would have been a huge impact.

However, Lee Da-young is right when practicing Heungkuk Life Insurance. Kim Yeon-kyung is from a certain pointIt is true what Lee Da-young said in the departure interview because it is the story of people around her that she was missing when she trained as a setter. Kim Yeon-kyung is said to have practiced when other candidate setters came in.

I don’t care why Kim Yeon-kyung treated Lee Da-young as a “shadow.” There are many stories about the two, but it is only their private lives. You have to respect it.

The problem is that during practice, the team’s main striker did not deal with the ball raised by the team’s main setter, and the manager who left it alone is the problem.

I can’t help but wonder how coach Park Mi-hee managed the players at the time and left them alone even after seeing a certain player passing another player.

No matter how much Kim Yeon-kyung says she is a world star, she is only a player from one team. There have been months of ignoring the coach and ignoring the team, and the coach has taken no action. If Kim Yeon-kyung ignored it without correcting it even though she ordered it, it would be a protest.

In November last year, Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach kicked Cristiano Ronaldo out. Ronaldo, who did not listen to the coach, did not participate in pre-season training in July, but sat on the bench without being the main player after the season began.

Ronaldo openly complained, but Tenhach responded with the manager’s authority. Ronaldo eventually left the team and Manchester United won the Carabao Cup three months later. In the English Premier League, he proudly returned to the Champions League, finishing third.

This is the basic role of a director. There is a player who ruins the team atmosphere, but neglecting it means that the coach was not for the entire team, but was dragged by a specific player.

No player is bigger than the team, said the famous soccer coach. Since Lee Da-young’s words are true, coach Park Mi-hee was a really incompetent coach who now forgot his basic role.

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