A Good Player is Growing Into a Good Leader

All bullpen pitchers began to pour out, and the bench’s strategic confrontation continued, with innings split and pinch-hit. 토토사이트 However, in the 10th inning of extra time with two outs and a full base, there was nothing to do on the bench except watch the match between pitcher Oh Seung-hwan Samsung and batter Han Yu-seom SSG. Veteran Oh Seung-hwan persistently targeted the strike zone, and Han Yu-seom, whose batting condition was rising, was pulling it out with all his might.

While both coaches praised the game, Han Yu-seom eventually hit a right-handed hit. It was a ball that went well into the body for the 10th pitch, but Han Yu-seom pulled it out of the exact contact point and eventually laughed at the end. According to the Trackman tally, it was a strong ball with a batting speed of 172.1 kilometers per hour. There was nothing the first and second baseman could do.

Nearly 20,000 fans gathered at the stadium, coaching staff and all officials were expecting a walk-off hit, and so were the actual results. It was a moment when the third-base Samsung dugout and passionate Samsung fans were also admitting defeat. However, only one player did not admit defeat. Samsung right fielder Koo Ja-wook 30 was the main character.

Han Yu-seom’s batting speed was so fast that paradoxically, the time to reach the right fielder was short. And it was a relatively close to a head-to-head pitch that did not deviate much from Koo Ja-wook’s defensive range. Koo Ja-wook even rushed down and threw to catch batter Han Yu-seom at first base. If the throw could have reached the first base before Han Yu-seom, the third baseman’s score would have been canceled due to a fly ball to the right fielder, and the game would have gone to the 11th inning of extra time.

Usually, batters who make walk-off hits in this situation often do not play base running as usual in an excited state. Of course, Koo Ja-wook gave up throwing at the last minute, and Han Yu-seom quickly stepped on first base with a normal base base, but many fans applauded that he did his best until the end with this in mind. It was a concentration and competitive spirit that was a little different from the word fighting spirit. The same was true of Samsung coach Park Jin-man.

Ahead of the Incheon SSG match on the 13th, coach Park said, But it was a fast ball, so it could be a game. It was not an easy situation because the player had to catch it from the left and turn it back to the right, but I think it’s great that Koo Ja-wook thought about it in advance and prepared it, he continued, adding, I think it’s great that I was preparing to do so when it happened.

Samsung’s fielders are undergoing a generational shift. There are many young players in the lineup, or players who are a little older but do not have much experience in the first division. It teaches that you should do your best and concentrate on every play, but the degree to which your body remembers what you hear with words and what you see, experience, and feel with your real eyes is bound to be different. Maybe all Samsung fielders realized a lot from watching Koo Ja-wook’s play that day. It is a representative example of a veteran having a good influence.

Koo Ja-wook is a good player. He has already proved this enough in his career. He made his debut in the first division in 2015 and has recorded a batting average of 0.315, 128 home runs, and 644 RBIs in 1,038 games in the first division so far this year. He is one of the few hitters in the league with the sophistication to hit .300 and the ability to achieve 20-20. The five-year, total of 12 billion won in non-FA multi-year contracts, which Samsung proposed ahead of the 2022 season and eventually won the seal, symbolizes Koo Ja-wook’s ability.

It was a bit sluggish last year, but this year it has found its pace. He has a batting average of 0.338 and an OPS on-base percentage + slugging percentage of 0.910 in 76 games of the season. The batting champion is also at a pace worth aiming for. On top of that, coach Park’s happy smile is that his responsibility as a leader has grown. He is a player who should lead the younger Samsung fielders. He knows his situation clearly and moves accordingly. A good player is becoming such a good leader.

Coach Park said, I used to be a temporary captain, but now I’m completely wearing the captain’s armband, and I comfort my juniors a lot on the bench. In the past, he was a little disappointed when his play didn’t work out, but he went next to his juniors and gave advice even if it didn’t work out, he continued to tell Kim Hyun-joon, Lee Jae-hyun, and Kim Sung-yoon during the game. The team atmosphere is lively and young players seem to be showing confidence on the ground, he said, referring to the effect of Koo Ja-wook. Koo Ja-wook is heading for a perfect score both inside and outside the ground.

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