120 Minute Full Time Cho Kyu Sung, Meet Willan Ace Utuk

Mitwilan lost 1-2 in the second leg of the UEFA Europa Conference League qualifying round for the 2023/24 season at Stade Munisipal de Dipper, Luxembourg, on the 4th, but advanced to the third round with a 3-2 aggregate victory. 토토

Cho Kyu-sung started and was the only one in the offensive team to play full time for 120 minutes until the second half of extra time. Although he failed to score an offensive point, he is steadily building his position as the main striker of Mitwillan.

Mitwillan, who seemed likely to advance to the third qualifying round with a 2-0 complete victory in the first round at home earlier, played a difficult game by allowing a run early. Mitwilan, who gave up one goal to Meiran de Almeida in the 15th minute of the first half, lost another goal to De Almeida in the 17th minute of the second half and tied the score 2-2.

The two teams, who couldn’t decide the game during the regular time, went into extra time, and Edward Chilupya’s winning goal in the seventh minute of extra time allowed them to advance to the third qualifying round with a 3-2 aggregate score.

Meanwhile, Cho Kyu-sung started to conquer the Danish league in earnest after transferring to Mitwilan. He quickly scored his debut goal in the league’s opening game against Hvidobre on the 22nd of last month, the first game since his transfer.

At that time, Cho Kyu-sung rushed into Paulinho’s cross from the left side and put it in with his head. It was a goal reminiscent of his second goal against Ghana in the second group match of the Qatar World Cup last year. Mitwillan won his first game of the season with Cho Kyu-sung’s winning goal.

Cho Kyu-sung was named the best player of the game, MOTM Man of the Match. After the game, I’m very happy to debut as a member of Meatwillan. I’m satisfied with scoring a goal today, he said, but expressed his determination not to let go of the tension, saying, We still have a lot of games left, so we have to forget and get used to Danish football while focusing on the next game.

After all the first round of the Superliga ended, he faced a double celebration of being selected as the best 11 in the first round. Cho Kyu-sung proudly took a position in the first round’s best 11 strikers category announced by the Super Liga website on the 26th.

In the list selected based on the 4-4-2 formation, Cho Kyu-sung made a two-top appearance with Matthias Kvistgaarden, who represented Denmark under-21 and plays for prestigious Danish League club Bronbee.

After the game, Cho Kyu-sung said, I’m very happy to debut. I’m satisfied with scoring a goal today, he said adding, I still have a lot of games left, so I have to forget about it and focus on the next game and get used to Danish football.

Cho Kyu-sung, who failed to score an offensive point in the first game against Niedercom, scored again in the second round of the league against Silkebor and scored two consecutive league goals, showing off his high scoring sense.

Cho Kyu-sung scored an additional goal with a right-footed non-stop shot toward the corner of the goal after receiving a pass from Christopher Olsson in the extra time of the first half when he was leading 1-0. The movement penetrating into the empty space of the defense and the finish of putting it into the corner by utilizing the texture of the pass were perfect.

Cho Kyu-sung, who played 74 minutes in the game and saved his physical strength, is reborn as an ace with a back number of 10 as he started the second game against Niedercom and played full-time.

Mitwillan will play the third round of the Superliga against Leungby at 11 p.m. on the 6th. Mitwilan, who is currently tied for the lead with Norschelan and Copenhagen with six points, will have a chance to take the lead alone with three points against Leungby, who has yet to win with one draw and one loss. Cho Kyu-sung will also try to score goals in three consecutive league matches.

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