AGCO 50/50 E-Raffle Sales Under Review

A few days ago, Tario’s Committee on Alcohol and Gaming reported that it would move with an offer to support the proposal for expanding 50/50 e-ticket sales. If implemented, the expansion can be sold to overseas terminals via electronic devices through 50/50 e-50 e-50 e-raft. 파친코

It is believed that the expanded framework could finance charities in the province, including health insurance.In addition, the framework will set up new retail stores in convenience stores.The decision concerns changes in the proposed changes in May 2023.

At a recent press conference, AGCO received 18 submissions in six weeks over three weeks, including 18 convenience stores, including the Ontario Lottery.You have provided the next steps and regulatory requirements for your application.

Gambling Regulator provides technical requirements and conditions, specific terms and conditions, September 2023.In response, AGCO said it could make international arrangements to support the new framework, including current purchase regulation requirements and registration procedures and registration procedures.

Although some changes to the framework are not yet official, hospital foundations can allow and manage 50/50 lottery licenses.Sellers, hospital foundations and hospital discoveries will also check the seller’s location and check the seller’s location at convenience stores.

AGCO will also need to sell tickets from convenience stores to convenience stores that occur at convenience stores through Point of the sales system.In addition, all requirements for accountability and player protection must be met.Some of the requirements mentioned are due to arrive in September 2023 and the final version in September 2023.

Gyeonggi Province is banning sports stars along with a proposal to ban sports stocking advertising stars in the province for sports betting advertisements.The province was criticized for sports game advertisements due to heavy rains by experts, parents and parents.They worry about teenagers and children who watch games.

In June, gambling regulations were expected to arrive soon.

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