Perfect Tottenham release scenario but not in a good mood

The Premier League PL transfer market officially closed at 7 a.m. on the 2nd. Tottenham completed the reinforcement by embracing Brennan Johnson on the last day of the transfer market. 토토

The Premier League PL transfer market officially closed at 7 a.m. on the 2nd. Tottenham completed the reinforcement by embracing Brennan Johnson on the last day of the transfer market.

According to Britain’s Sky Sports, Tottenham spent a total of 212.3 million pounds about 354.4 billion won to recruit the players. In terms of spending alone, it ranks third in the PL. Chelsea, which spent 434.5 million pounds about 726 billion won, and Manchester City, which paid 216.3 million pounds about 361.1 billion won, were the only clubs that spent more than Tottenham.

With four games, Tottenham is one of the clubs that makes the best use of recruiters than any other club. Medison, the core of the midfield, has already grown into a key player in the team’s offense with two goals and two assists. It is true that the teamwork with Son Heung-min is also very good, so we are looking forward to the future. Solomon is more likely to be appointed as he took his first chance to start against Lee last time and helped two.

The defensive line is also being played by newly joined players. Van der Pen is helping the team’s unbeaten run with Christian Romero, while goalkeeper Vicario, who is behind him, is showing a good defense that can’t feel Hugo Lloris’ absence at all.

One of the reasons why manager Enze Postecoglou’s first season is expected is the release work. Tottenham has raised the possibility that various players will leave the team ahead of the transfer market this summer. Starting with captain Lloris, Harry Kane was steadily connected to Bayern Munich.

Except for them, how to dispose of players who have fallen into so-called Gyereuk was very important for the direction of the season. Including Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dyer, Sergio Reguillon, Giovanni Lo Celso, Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Winks were listed.

First, Winks chose to break up with Tottenham in the Leicester City uniform, which was relegated to the second division. On top of that, Regilon took on a new challenge by transferring to Manchester United on loan on the last day of the transfer market. The problem was two central midfielders and two center backs.

Fortunately, Sanchez also left the team. Galatasaray said on the club’s website on the 5th, We agreed to a contract with Tottenham and Sanchez. The transfer fee is 9.5 million euros about 13.5 billion won). Payments are made in installments over five seasons. We signed a 4+1 year contract, he officially announced.

In addition, Ndombele also left the team for a while. Fabrizio Romano, who is fluent in European soccer news, said on the 4th, Ndombele is going to Galatasaray, with his signature comment, Here we go. The lease agreement has been concluded. The oral agreement was also completed and a medical test was conducted after leaving Tottenham. It is a contract that includes purchase options, he said.

Sanchez and Ndombele left the team, but it doesn’t feel 100% refreshed. Because Dyer is still on the team. Dyer expressed his intention to stay with the team until the end of the transfer market. However, when he was excluded from the list for three consecutive games, he moved to transfer.

Florian Flettenberg, a reporter for Sky Sports in Germany, said on the 29th, Dyer has repeatedly offered himself back to Munich over the past few days. Dyer can play as a centre – back and defensive midfielder, and is discussing a possible transfer inside Munich. There is a theme of Dyer’s reverse offer among Munich board members,” he reported.

Munich strengthened its defensive line by recruiting Kim Min-jae this summer. However, as Bangjameng Pavar left the team ahead of the end of the transfer market, he considered recruiting a new center back. Dyer also seems to have proposed himself in reverse considering this trend. However, as the transfer was not made, he remained for another year.

It is also somewhat unstable that there is no additional recruitment after release. In particular, the center back depth has become thinner. Tottenham sold Sanchez, but there was no additional recruitment. Eventually you have to spend a season with van der Penn, Romero and Dyer. Ben Davies can play the role of centre-back, but it is true that the capabilities are questionable at the four-back.

The good thing about the misfortune is that Tottenham only has to focus on two tournaments this season. He was already eliminated early in the second round of the English Football League Cup, kneeling down to Fulham. The schedule is expected to be relatively easy because only PL and England’s FA Cup will be held.

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