If You Apologize, I’ll Keep It a Secret

Lee Da-young posted a meaningful post on his SNS on the 5th, saying, I will acknowledge sexual harassment repeatedly done by the national team, bullying at Heungkuk Life, workplace violence, and abuse of power, and if I officially apologize, I will keep it a secret forever. 스포츠토토

At the same time, she released a picture of her lying in bed with Kim Yeon-kyung. In the photo, Kim Yeon-kyung was smiling at Lee Da-young with an arm pillow, and Lee Da-young took a friendly pose, sticking out her tongue and winking.

Lee Da-young also said in an earlier disclosure, Kim Yeon-kyung has been swearing since long ago. Bullying is basic, and he treated me like a bar girl in front of the national team and told me to leave because I looked cheap. He also claimed, I cursed and gave him a hard time to go to Gangnam and come.

He then posted a manual on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace or an article related to the player’s grievance center on SNS, demanding a thorough investigation of the truth from the KOVO Korea Volleyball Federation.

Meanwhile, in a message released by Lee Da-young, the person who appears to be Kim Yeon-kyung said, Even if I’m having a hard time and scared like that, hold it in. I also hate you, and I’m holding it in even if it’s uncomfortable, he replied indirectly expressing his displeasure. Since then, Kim Yeon-kyung has announced that she will strongly respond to malicious press releases or YouTubers.

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