Teams That Know How To Win First-time Driving Along with LG

It has built a good system over a long period of time, fostered good players, and spent money in the free agent market in a timely manner, making good results. This is also evident in the grades. 사설토토 LG recorded 314 wins, 221 losses and 22 draws .587 in 557 games from 2020 to the 21st. This is the league’s No. 1 record ahead of kt.564, NC530, Kiwoom512, Doosan508, and SSG500 during the same period. In recent years, it has always been close to the top.

However, the team’s ultimate goal of winning the regular season and the Korean Series were rarely caught. During his time at Samsung, Ryu Joong-il, who boasted a brilliant career, and Ryu Ji-hyun, a former LG franchise, were recruited one after another, but in the end, something was lacking. Last year, he failed to overcome the last crisis and finished second in the regular season, and in the playoffs, he bowed his head as a victim of Upset.

Such LG is full of hopes for its presidential bid this year. From the beginning to the end of the season, he has consistently maintained his first place and has not allowed him to pursue the second place. Except for April, which was the beginning of the season, LG ranked first in the league for the first time on May 20, and then retook the top spot on June 28 after a month of high-flying matches. Since then, it has been in first place. He won six consecutive games against Incheon SSG on the 21st, maintaining a 6.5-game gap with second-place kt.

Arithmetically, the probability of winning the regular season has already exceeded 90%. That’s true considering the objective strength of the team, the margin of gain and loss so far, and the difference between the remaining games and games. Nevertheless, not only the fans, but also the LG team and the front desk have yet to relax their tension. This is because there are still 19 games left in the game and the experience of the following teams cannot be ignored.

There are many teams that can pose a threat to the postseason even if they fail to overturn it in the regular season. Even though the ranking is lower than LG, they have experience of ‘finishing the game’. The second-place kt is the 2021 integrated winner, and the third-place NC is the 2020 integrated winner. Not to mention fourth-place Doosan’s fall experience, fifth-place SSG was also the combined winner last year. They had experience watching the top of the regular season until the end, and they knew how to use their advantage in the postseason. It’s not easy.

LG also has a threat. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop is saving his words about the postseason, but hinting at his concerns about the “first starter in the fall.” Choi Won-tae’s sluggish performance, who is selected as a native ace, is also a must-have task for leading Mercury and fall dramas. Young must-win groups are fighting hard, but they are showing a slight drop in ball power, which is also a variable. At that time, Ko Woo-suk and Jung Woo-young, who have to lead them, are still jagged. Although there are powerful batters, it is usually the mound, not the bat, that is to be trusted in the fall.

Manager Yeom knows this. It’s a beginner driving team that has never seen the top spot. However, he stresses that the more positively he is about the rest of the season. Coach Yeom said, I’m overcoming it with a positive mind. It’s affirmation and fairness, he said. My best enemy is hesitation. You should play baseball without hesitation, aggressive baseball, and positive baseball. LG always shrinks at this time. But we are getting over it. There is a crisis, and we have overcome it all and are going now, he said, stressing that the team has enough capabilities.

Coach Yeom also expressed confidence in that regard, saying that the atmosphere of the team is different from before. Coach Yeom said, I highly value that part of our players. As a manager, I also feel that the team is gaining strength little by little, he said positively. He has many experiences of failure, but he believes that he is not shaking while setting the mood among the players.

In fact, LG does not allow pursuit of the second place at all and is going unwavering. He won 76 games in 125 games. It has been a six-game winning streak in recent. Even if they can take this pace for six to seven more games, the second-place teams will be forced to give up on Zepul. LG is creating such an atmosphere on its own.

Coach Yeom believes that he can confirm the championship on his own if he wins 85 to 86 games in the current situation. In fact, if LG records 86 wins, second-place kt must win all of the remaining games. Third-place NC, which has more games than second-place kt, also needs a victory. If he wins 10 games in the remaining 19 games, it is safe to say that he is heading for the regular season championship with a 100% chance. If LG believes in its own power, it can go easily.

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