Italian Referee Blasts Blast of Blame

Yang Sang-moon, head coach of the Korean women’s baseball team, exploded due to the referee’s behavior that was completely incomprehensible. 토토 The national team participated in the preliminary round of the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup in Thunder Bay, Canada, on the 11th and played against Australia.

Referee Elcia Chiconi from Italy was the referee. However, referee Chikoni continued the game even though he had time left to change the pitcher without prior mention or consultation.

At the end of the second inning, the national team replaced the pitcher from Choi Song-hee to Lee Ji-sook. Due to the structure of the stadium, a pitcher in the bullpen pitch was supposed to walk around the stadium and walk for a long time to walk to the mound. However, without considering this, referee Chikoni made Lee Ji-sook, who came to the mound late, practice only two balls and proceeded with the game.

Then, Yang Sang-moon, head coach of the national team, ran out of the dugout and protested strongly, but referee Chicone did not give up additional practice pitching time, saying it included walking time.

Shortly afterwards, referee Chikoni took issue with Lee Ji-sook’s habit of putting rosin in her mouth and shaking off rosin in French. Referee Chikoni strongly warned Lee Ji-sook, saying, It is an act of putting saliva on her. Earlier in the day, referee Chicone also warned starter Choi Song-hee not to blow rosin with his hands.

Then, in the dugout, the national team coaches instructed Lee Ji-sook, Don’t gather your hands and blow it out and show that you don’t intentionally bury the blow. In baseball, saliva is a foreign substance. Throwing a ball with foreign substances on it is a foul.

To show that he did not intend to spit, Lee Ji-sook spread her palm wide and shook off the rosin powder from the front of the referee, but referee Chicone suddenly gave Lee a penalty in an excited voice.

But even this penalty was absurd. With two outs and runners on first and third bases, referee Chicone moved McCline from first base to second base. This is a measure that is not in the penalty regulation.

In the end, Yang Sang-moon exploded. Coach Yang came to the ground again and argued with the referee, repeating Why, which means why? in English.

If the pitcher does not comply with the referee’s warning, he will be given one ball count. However, the referee moved the runner, not the ball count. When the national team protested strongly, Australian officials also shrugged their shoulders and looked incomprehensible about the move to second base.

In the end, after a long war of words, referee Chicone corrected his judgment and gave him one ball count. However, Lee Ji-sook was unshakable, and in the crisis of two outs and runners on first and third bases, she caught Enon with a ground ball in front of the pitcher and finished the inning without any additional runs.

The reason why referee Chikoni’s warning measure seemed to be a “useless nitpicking” is that the national team has never been warned about the action in international competitions. However, referee Chikoni continued to question the habits of national team pitchers.

Referee Chikoni’s atrocities are not over. This time, he pointed out the color of Kim Na-yeon’s glove, who took the mound as a relief pitcher following Lee Ji-sook. The reason was that Kim Na-yeon’s glove contained white. However, Kim played 2.1 innings with the glove against the U.S. just the day before. There was no problem the day before, but referee Chicone ordered the glove replacement. In the end, Kim Na-yeon took the mound again with pitcher Choi Song-hee’s black glove and threw the ball.

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