“Baekho, I wanted to hug you”

A Taiwanese friend’s heartfelt message in Korean: “Baekho, I wanted to hug you”

“As an opponent, I was disappointed that you won, but as a friend, I was happy to see you.”

At the recent Asian Games in Hangzhou, South Korea’s baseball team won gold after defeating Chinese Taipei in the final. After being swept by the Chinese Taipei in the group stage, the Koreans swept the reigning champions in the final to take the top spot on the podium.

But regardless of the outcome, one player stood out for his longtime friendship. Kang Baek-ho (KT) of South Korea and Liu Hsieh-lien (Boston) of Chinese Taipei.

Liu is a promising pitcher for the Boston Red Sox’ Double-A team. He is one of Taiwan’s top prospects and was a must-win pitcher at the Asian Games. He was the final pitcher in Taiwan’s victory over South Korea in the group stage.

Kang and Liu have been friends since their youth national teams. They first met and became friends at an international tournament, and although they don’t see each other often, they have kept in touch, Kang explained. Their relationship was a topic of conversation at the Games.

After South Korea’s gold and Taiwan’s silver medals were confirmed, the two were photographed together and shared a big hug, but about a week later, on the 13th, 먹튀검증 Liu posted a photo of Kang and Baekho at the Asian Games on his social media account, along with a letter written in Korean.

“When I found out you were going to the Asian Games, I was so excited. I knew you were stressed before I met you, and I wanted to hug you and support you every time we met, even though we couldn’t speak the language. As an opposing teammate, I was disappointed that you won, but as a friend, I was happy to see you relaxed after the game,” Liu wrote in a heartfelt post. It was a message of comfort and congratulations for Kang, who was under a lot of psychological pressure due to a number of factors, including his poor performance in international competitions.

The letter, written in Korean with poor grammar by Liu Zhilong, who is pursuing his dream of becoming a major leaguer in Boston’s minor league team, seems to deepen the afterglow of their friendship.

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