Gateway Casino Inispill To Help Install AED

Gateway Casino Inspil has once again proven itself to be a valued community partner in the city of Inspil. 파친코 Thanks to generous donations from gaming facilities, the Inispil Recreation Complex is now equipped with an automatic external defibrillator. The new device will potentially save people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

An automated external defibrillator is a portable device that can provide lifesaving treatment to individuals in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. The equipment was provided by the Chase MacIcheon Memorial Fund with a large donation from the local gateway casino Inspil. This new device is installed in the Innisfil Recreation Complex football field.

Mayor Lynn Dollin thanked the Chase McEhen Memorial Fund and the casino. This is because there is now a life-saving tool right in front of the busy soccer stadium. She said the use of fast AEDs would greatly increase the chances of survival and that using accessible AEDs would ensure the safety of players and their families watching them play.

The local casino is operated by Gateway Casino and Entertainment, and Rob Mitchell, the company’s communications and public relations director, said the operator was happy to participate in the AED purchase. Mr. Mitchell also said that such devices are incredible life-saving tools that anyone can successfully use to save someone’s life.

The Chase McEhen Memorial Fund is dedicated to installing AEDs in public areas across the country and making the devices available to residents in cardiac emergencies. The organization was established in 2006 in honor of Chase McEhen, who sadly died after collapsing at school due to cardiac arrest. Its mission is to protect people from people going through the same fate.

John McIcheon, Chase’s father and director of the Chase McIcheon Memorial Fund, said he was honored to continue his son’s desire to install AEDs in all public places. He noted that AEDs are easy to use and very effective, but he said that AEDs should be available in places where people play and gather, just as the case of cardiac arrest is important at every moment.

Meanwhile, gambling donations from another Gateway Casino & Entertainment Casino will help create a new community health center and after-hours clinic on Wasaga Beach. Thanks to the proceeds from Playtime Casino Wasaga Beach, the new facility will come with a fully equipped turnkey, medical office and will be developed with the Georgia Bay Family Health Organization.

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