Lee Kang-in’s Best Friend Kubo, The World’s Strongest Real, is Really Calling Him

Spain’s Relevo said on the 17th, Kubo is one of the representative names of Spain’s La Liga this season. 스포츠토토 Five goals and two assists from Real Sociedad, which is on the rise, show Kubo is living up to expectations. Real Madrid have some control of the situation and are watching Kubo’s every move, he said.

It is understood that Real is already considering the possibility of re-recruitment of Kubo. The media said, Real considers next summer a good opportunity. It is sports-wise and financially appropriate to be able to bring Kubo at a price lower than the market value of 50 million euros 71.4 billion won.

Japanese rising star Kubo marked a career turning point when he signed a five-year contract with Sociedad in the summer of 2022. Kubo, who almost fell into such a promising player after failing to succeed until his Majorca days with Lee Kang-in on loan at Villarreal and Getafe, has been flying from the 2022-23 season.

Kubo emerged as a key resource for the team last season, scoring nine goals and seven assists in 35 games in Spain’s La Liga. Thanks to this, Sociedad advanced to the UEFA Champions League stage in fourth place in the league. Kubo spent his life season winning the Sociedad Player of the Year award.

The 2023-24 season is even scarier. La Liga ranks second in scoring in the league with five goals and one assist in eight games. He also won the La Liga Player of the Month Award in September. Naturally, the ransom soared, and Kubo’s ransom reached 50 million euros.

Real sold Kubo to Sociedad, but still owns a 50% stake in the player and even the right to reject the sale first. Kubo’s active right wing forward position is one of Real’s troubled positions, so he could return Kubo to compete with Hodrigu.

Relevo said, “I know Kubo has also attracted Real’s attention, and the offer will arrive soon. Then Kubo will make a decision. If Sociedad accepts the offer for Kubo, Real will have to decide whether to send it for only half or recruit it for the same amount. Kubo’s buyout is 60 million euros about 85.7 billion won, so in the worst case, he could have to pay 30 million euros about 42.8 billion won to bring Kubo back.

Kubo’s position is also important. Kubo is focusing on Sociedad, but he reportedly wants to go to Real and compete if he has a chance. The media said, Kubo is happy in Sociedad, which feels like home, and it is a strong choice to continue playing for Sociedad, which signed a contract until 2027. At the same time, he knows what a great team Real is. If the coach is really interested in taking him, I will be willing to compete, he added.

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