Jackpot Digital Introduces Products in G2E Las Vegas

This week, Jackpot Digital, a leading electronic table game maker, announced it will appear in this year’s edition of the Global Games Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the industry’s largest gaming convention, the UK- and Colombia-based provider will showcase the next generation of Jackpot Blitz dealerless poker electronic table games. 바카라사이트

Jackpot Digital is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic table games for the cruise ship industry and the regulated casino industry. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, it is known for its multiplayer gaming products, including poker and casino games, complemented by a powerful back-end toolbar that operators can take advantage of as they please.

The Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas will be held next week at the Venice Convention and Expo Center from Monday, October 10, 2022 to Thursday, October 13, 2022. Jackpot Digital will showcase its new Jackpot Blitz® ETG from October 11 to October 13, 2022, during trade show time at booth 3843 at the Expo.

Using the industry’s “Ticket In/Ticket Out” or slot account system known as TITO, or SAS protocol, the latest version of Jackpot Blitz® can receive cash/card in each seat and print vouchers. With both TITO and SAS protocols, ETG meets the industry standards that most prominent casino establishments want.

ETG producer Jake Kalpakian said the company received very positive reviews from casino operators about Jackpot Blitz®. He explained that so far, many operators have been unable to offer the product because of the need to integrate with their casino management methods. However, the next generation of Jackpot Blitz® has not solved this problem.

Mr Kalpakian also noted that demand for ETG products has increased due to the current labor shortage and inflationary pressure on industry casinos. He said the new version of the product will further strengthen the demand for ETG. He said he was happy to showcase ETG to a global audience and the company had reservations for the convention.

Looking at the company’s latest financial report, it’s safe to say that BC has enjoyed a busy and successful summer. For example, in July 2022, the company reported its highest monthly earnings since February 2020 by generating revenue of C$125,337. This is due to the relaxation of health and safety protocols in the cruise ship industry.

August was also high in productivity for ETS suppliers as companies built on July figures. August improved July profit as it generated revenue above C$128,566. The company also reported signing a license agreement with Santiago-based Norson Group S.R.L. in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, we are providing an innovative jackpot blitz table.

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