LG’s New Foreign Player Heading To N’s, Left Hand is Not Tied But Left And Right Hand is balanced

It seems that they have already selected the right person. Regulations require time to sign the contract, but they moved quickly and virtually confirmed three foreign players in the 2024 season. 토토 If the selection team, which had a hard time this year, goes smoothly, there will also be a shortcut to winning two consecutive games. LG is looking at Detrick Ness as a foreign player in the 2024 season after Austin Dean and Casey Kelly.

The decision has been made, but we can’t sign a contract yet. Ness played for Seibu in the Japanese professional baseball league from 2022 to 2023. According to regulations, Ence is still a member of Seibu. Japan’s professional baseball will announce the list of players on hold in early December, and the contract will be possible only when Ness is removed from the list. The time when N’s can sign with LG is also next to the announcement of the pending list. Usually, contracts are made around December 10.

The biggest advantage of N’s is its ball power. In 2021, he took the mound as an intermediate pitcher for Tampa Bay in the Major League Baseball and recorded an average speed of 94.2 miles 151.6 kilometers per hour. In Seibu, he rotated the starting rotation and played long innings, his average speed fell a little, but he still often exceeded 150km. At 185cm tall, he is not very tall, but he performs power pitching by inserting a four-seam into the top of the strike zone.

In other words, he is the starting pitcher that LG wanted. If the 150km high fastball can consistently pass through the strike zone, it will be an excellent strength. In the case of the KBO League, the frequency of high balls by native pitchers is still low, and batters’ ability to cope with high balls is also low. In addition to the four-seam, they also use cut fastballs, changeups, and curves, but looking at the utilization rate, the proportion of four-seam and cut is large. The development of curves that can be harmonized with high-fast balls is expected to determine the success of Ence.

There are no foreign players who are guaranteed success in the KBO league. To be sure of 100% success, it is necessary to bring a player who conquered Major League Baseball or Japan, but such a player cannot step on Korean soil due to the market structure. N’s also played well in Japan’s first year in 2022, with 10-7 losses and 2.94 ERA, but struggled this year with 1-10 and 5.17 ERA.

Still, LG highly evaluated N’s chances of success in many areas. Above all, I saw it as the highest level in ball power among pitchers on the market. Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop hinted at recruiting N’s, saying,”It is said that N’s is the best even in the front.

Ball power is a keyword that penetrates the LG mound in the 2023 season. He used the standard point of pitcher evaluation as his ball power and reached the top with the pitchers’ ball power. The bullpen was especially like that, and both Yoo Young-chan and Baek Seung-hyun, who took off this year, are pitch-type right pitchers with an average four-seam speed in the late 140km range. As their good pitching continued from the regular season to the Korean Series, LG lifted its 29-year limit.

However, he did not pay much attention to the balance between left and right hands. Both the starter and the bullpen had a large proportion of right pitchers. Except for Kim Yoon-sik and Ham Deok-ju in the bullpen, most of the key pitchers on the LG mound threw the ball with their right hands. However, the proportion of left-handed pitchers could increase in 2024 with the recruitment of Ence and the leap of Son Ji-young and Lee Sang-young.

Director Yeom said, Sang-young will go to Long Relief from next year. Joo Young-yi has already confirmed the positions of two left-handed pitchers, saying, I will take turns in the fifth starting position with Kim Yoon-sik. In other words, there is a high probability of getting out of right-handed pitcher bias. Of course, the keyword is maintained. Like Ence, Lee Sang-young and Son Ji-young are also left-handed pitchers. It is LG’s mound in the 2024 season, when more pitchers throw strong balls.

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