Regina Man Back Home, Huge Vault Hair-Hitting Jackpot

Just last week, Saskatchewan learned the name of a new VLT minted millionaire. According to the Western Canada Lottery Company, a man from Regina used a Vault Breaker machine to hit a huge jackpot of more than C$1 million. 슬롯머신 The obvious win dates back to Sept. 8, 2023.

The Bolt Breaker is a widely popular VLT offering that features a progressive jackpot that increases by a small margin each time you play in a progressive game. There is a ‘minor’ jackpot of at least C$100, a ‘major’ of at least C$5,000 and a ‘grand’ of C$500,000 by default.

The Crown Agency said in a press release that winner Chris Overholt took a jackpot worth $1,101,590.82 Canadian dollars. He won the award on September 8, 2023, for playing on the Bolt Breaker machine. It happened while spending time with my father at the Open Tap Brewing Company and restaurant in Regina.

The winner said he couldn’t believe his eyes and couldn’t believe it completely when he saw a screen that said jackpot. Mr. Overholt added that the victory felt particularly special because it arrived at a time when he was with his father. Now, he will take his family on a trip with the money, but he will also help repair cupboards in his father’s cabin.

It’s worth mentioning that Mr Oberholt isn’t the only Saskatchewan man to have won big in recent VLTs. Last month, WCLC reported that a Shell Lake man had taken home more than C$1 million after he hit the jackpot at a local hotel’s Bolt Breaker VLT. However, his victory dates back to July 28, 2023.

Winner Darrell Kreklewich currently has a prize of 1,080,618.14 Canadian dollars for hitting a Bolt Breaker jackpot at the Shell Lake Hotel on July 28, 2023. While receiving a check from The Crown. Mr. Kreklewich said he was completely numb when he saw the big win and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Bolt Breaker VLT is in 270 communities in Saskatchewan and has awarded C$33,354,933.88 to 35 winners since June 2017, according to WCLC. Also included is Jennifer Papad from Humboldt, who earned a stunning CA$660,501 through VLT in the summer of 2022. She cashed in her prize money in July 2022.

Humboldt residents won a Grand Jackpot across the province by playing a Bolt Breaker match at the Pioneer Hotel on July 3, 2022. And when VLT showed victory, she said she was in shock and disbelief. She shared it with The Crown Corporation, which she also said she wanted to use some of the money to give her children a good start and for college education.

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