Kang So-hwi’s reflection on completing 4R: “50 points as a captain, 65 points as a player”

GS Caltex’s Kang So-hwi, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, was blunt in his assessment.

“I would give him 50 points as a captain and 65 points as a player,” he told reporters after GS Caltex’s 3-1 victory over Heungkuk Life in the final match of the fourth round at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Sunday.

GS Caltex remained in third place with 15 wins, 9 losses and 43 points thanks to the victory over Heungkuk Life.

The gap to second-place Heungkuk Life (18-6, 50 points) has narrowed to seven points, while the gap to fourth-place IBK (11-12, 33 points) has widened to 10 points.

It’s now more about Heungkuk Life running ahead of the chasers than the chasers running behind.

After four rounds, ⅔ of the six-round regular season, Kang So-hwi said, “The team had a rough patch in the middle. I gave them 50 points because I didn’t think I led them well,” he said.

“After losing to Korea Expressway Corporation at the start of the fourth round, the team’s mood sank, and it was difficult to raise it, but I think we can prepare well for the fifth round by beating Heungkuk Life today.”

As one of the leading attackers in women’s volleyball, her statistics weren’t bad either.

Through four rounds, Kang So-hwi had 357 points and a 42.27% attack success rate, ranking second in Korea behind Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life) in both categories.

However, Kang So-hwi said, “I think I can do better as a player, but I’m not satisfied. I think I can score more offensive goals, and I want to keep my reception without making mistakes,” Kang said of her determination for the rest of the season.

The player he is most grateful to for leading the team as captain is Kwon Min-ji.

Kang So-hwi said, “The last time we were behind in the IBK match, when the mood on the court was sinking, I said to myself, ‘Vamos’ (Spanish for “let’s go”) and lifted it up. She was also the one who shouted the loudest when the coach spoke during game time.”

Kang has been playing volleyball almost year-round, as she had no time to rest last off-season after competing in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) and the Hangzhou Asian Games.

When asked if she had any physical problems, she said, “I was fine, but since the last match against Hyundai E&C (on the 10th), it’s been hard. I was hoping that the All-Star break would come soon. I didn’t really say that against IBK (on the 13th), but I was so tired that I asked the coach to take me out for a while,” she confessed.

With the win, GS Caltex completed its four-round schedule and will have more than a week off before facing Heungkuk Sinsung on March 2.

“I don’t like snowy days, so I think I’ll stay inside (the hostel) and only go out for a while to go to the bathroom,” Kang So-hwi said, giving a glimpse into his plans for the All-Star break.


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