“Ryu Hyun-jin, it’s hard to treat more than 5 innings of pitchers… He’s out of control.” U.S. media’s harsh assessment

MLB Trade Rumors (MLBTR), which reports the transfer of Major League Baseball (MLB), pointed out on the 27th (Korea time), “The strikeout ratio (17.0%), the number of innings in 11 games (52 innings), and the average fastball speed (88.8 miles per hour) are weaknesses,” adding, “In particular, the strikeout rate has fallen a lot from its peak (27.5%), and the fastball speed is also the lowest in his career.”

“Ryu Hyun-jin is still a helpful pitcher for a team that needs to start, but it will be difficult to be treated more than a ‘five-inning pitcher’,” he said pessimistically.

Ryu has been introduced as a second-highest free agent in the league following Blake Snell (31), and Jordan Montgomery (31). “Last year, Ryu had a 3.46 ERA, 6.3 percent walk allowance, and a 45.6 percent groundout rate, making a good comeback from Tommy John Surgery meant to link tendon in his elbow.” Mike Mlevinger (33) and Michael Lorenzen (32) are classified as Ryu’s peers.

Meanwhile, the arrest warrant for Lim Hye-dong (28), a former baseball player accused of extorting about 800 million won to major leaguers Ryu Hyun-jin and Kim Ha-sung (29, San Diego Padres), was dismissed on the 25th.

Lim, who arrived at the court on that day, did not answer questions such as “Do you admit to threatening Ryu Hyun-jin?” or “Did you conspire with the agency team leader?” Lim is accused of receiving a settlement of 400 million won by threatening Kim, who is receiving special military service after fighting with Kim at a bar in Gangnam in February 2021. Lim also reportedly received some 380 million won in cash from Ryu Hyun-jin.

Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, said, “It seems necessary to make an additional clarification on whether to conspire with accomplices, which can be seen as major suspects, and whether blackmail is established for victims who have been recognized separately.”

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