Lawnball Hwang Dong-gi, First Disabled AG Gold Medal

Lawnball Hwang Dong-gi, first disabled AG gold medal… Lim Cheon-gyu won bronze medal

Hwang Dong-gi and Lim Cheon-gyu, bloody family fight in the semifinals… Overtime close match

At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games, national lawnball representatives Hwang Dong-gi (Sports Class B6, Jeonnam Disabled Lawnball Federation) and Lim Cheon-gyu (Sports Class B6, Busan Disabled Lawnball Federation) won gold and bronze medals, respectively. 카지노사이트

Hwang Dong-ki won the gold medal by defeating China’s Xu Yong-gang 13-11 in the men’s lawnball singles final at the tournament held at the Wenhui School Lawnball Stadium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 25th.

Hwang Dong-ki, who advanced to the finals by defeating national teammate Lim Cheon-gyu after a close overtime match in the semi-finals held earlier, won his first Para Asian Games medal in gold.

Lawnball, also called curling on the grass, rolls a ball with a diameter of about 12 cm and a weight of about 1.5 kg on a ‘rink’ that is about 5 m wide and about 40 m long, and hits a white jack (target ball, about 6 cm in diameter) closer than the opponent.

It is a sport in which the number of balls hit determines the score.

The ball, which is made relatively heavy on one side and relatively light on the other,

has a slightly flat shape as if force was applied from the top and bottom of the ball.

As the forward force decreases, the influence of the rotational force due to the center of gravity becomes stronger and the ball gradually changes its path.

It bends and rolls.

The game ends when the game time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes runs out, or when one player scores 21 points first.

Hwang Dong-ki, who started the final match by rolling the jack first with a coin toss,

defeated Lim Cheon-gyu in the preliminary group stage,

took first place in Group F, and started to take the lead against Xu Yong-gang, who advanced to the semifinals and finals.

When Hwang Dong-gi took the lead, Xu Yong-gang immediately caught up to within 1 to 2 points,

so the final match was tense, but Hwang Dong-gi did not allow Xu Yong-gang to come back and stood on top.

Lim Cheon-gyu won the bronze medal in the men’s singles, defeating Hong Kong’s Beats Yang 18-9.

Lim Cheon-gyu is a leading figure in Korean lawnball,

having won two consecutive men’s singles titles at the 2014 Incheon Tournament and the 2018 Indonesia Tournament.

Lim Cheon-gyu, who had bowed to the brass flag after a close overtime match in the semifinals held earlier in the day, halting his bid for a third consecutive title, won the bronze medal match and won his first Para Asian Games bronze medal.

Lim Cheon-gyu took the lead by leading 7-0 until the 3rd end, and although he allowed the team to trail 10-7 in the 9th end,

he began to solidify his victory with consecutive scores from the 11th to 15th ends.

Lim Cheon-gyu, who showed an overwhelming skill gap as the strongest lawn ball player who achieved two consecutive wins, achieved a final victory.

In fact, the highlight of the day was the semifinal match between gold medalist Hwang Dong-ki and bronze medalist Lim Cheon-gyu.

Hwang Dong-gi and Lim Cheon-gyu ranked 1st in Group E and 2nd in Group F,

respectively, in the group stage, and met in the semifinals to compete without giving up an inch.

Due to the nature of lawn ball, where you can place the jack in an advantageous position and roll the ball first,

it is advantageous for the player to go first,

but the match between the two players played out in a seesaw game,

with the second player scoring and consecutive points rarely being scored.

With the balance at 11-11 until the 14th end, Hwang Dong-gi widened the lead by 3 points in the 15th end,

but Lim Cheon-gyu responded with 4 points in the 16th end and succeeded in turning the game around.

18 ends, 2 hours and 15 minutes of game time.

Hwang Dong-gi, who was behind 16-18, looked at the head (where the jack and the ball were placed) and sent the last ball out of his hand, scoring two points and taking the game to overtime.

In the 19th end, which was an overtime period, Hwang Dong-gi scored an additional 3 points, putting an end to the bloody game.

The two athletes shook hands and encouraged each other for the gold medal match and bronze medal match. 메이저사이트 백링크

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