‘Sign of a resurgence?’ Simmons puts up triple-double in comeback win

Simmons leads the Nets to victory in his return game.

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Utah Jazz 147-114 in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Tuesday (Jan. 30).

Mikal Bridges exploded for 33 points and four assists, Cam Thomas added 25 points and seven rebounds, and eight other players scored in double figures, including Cam Johnson (17 points), Lonnie Walker IV (19 points), Royce O’Neal (11 points), Dennis Smith Jr. (12 points), Nick Clexton 토토사이트 (11 points), and Ben Simmons (10 points).

There was a welcome guest on the floor. Simmons was playing in his seventh game of the season. Prior to this game, Simmons’ most recent NBA game was on November 7 against the Milwaukee Bucks. After that game, Simmons suffered a back injury that has kept him sidelined ever since.

The long-term injury to Simmons has also hurt Brooklyn’s performance. Earlier in the season, the Nets were around the .500 mark when Simmons was on the floor, but once he went down, they went downhill. Brooklyn has a lot of good players, but no leader to guide the team. They looked to Bridges to fill that role, but he’s proving to be a liability. Thomas, a third-year prospect, is still raw.

Simmons isn’t the type of player to show off his scoring prowess by averaging over 20 points. Simmons is more of a game impact player with double-digit points, rebounds, and assists. He’s also an excellent defender. In his prime, Simmons was one of the best defenders in the NBA.

After being traded from his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers, to Brooklyn, injuries took their toll, and Simmons was a shadow of his former self. Since coming to Brooklyn, Simmons’ offense has disappeared, and while his passing and rebounding abilities remain strong, his offensive struggles have turned him into a negative on the court. His defense, which used to be tremendous, has deteriorated into mediocrity.

In his comeback game, however, Simmons looked like the player he was in his prime. On a fast break, Simmons drove the ball like a point guard and dumped off an assist to a teammate who dived in. After a steal, he took the ball himself for a one-and-one. He blocked a guard on defense, defended under the basket, and had a blocked shot.

It’s clear he’s in better shape than he was before the injury. If Simmons’ performance continues, Brooklyn could be on the rebound. Simmons is a rare breed in the NBA, and when he’s healthy, he’s valuable.

In his postgame interview, Simmons said, “It’s good to be back on the court. It’s good to be back on the court with my teammates. I want to compete and I want to get better.”

Simmons is back and healthy. With Simmons back, Brooklyn could be a dark horse in the Eastern Conference.

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