“It’s not quite right yet”: Satish Woo’s worries ahead of PO

February 19, 2024 Woori Bank WON 2023~2024 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular Season Asan Woori Bank-Cheongju KB Stars/Asan Sunshin Gymnasium. 84-72 Asan Woori Bank won.

Asan Woori Bank Head Coach Lee Sati-woo

Park Ji-soo’s absence was unexpected. If we had more time to prepare without him, it would have been a tough game. Besides Park, Kang Isul and Heo Ye-eun also played a big role in KB Stars’ first-place finish. The sudden absence of Park Ji-soo might have made things difficult for KB Stars. Still, they played an exciting game. Regardless of winning or losing, we practiced in many ways, including fighting with each other. If Park Ji-soo was there, it would have been difficult to protect Kim Dan-bi’s playing time (28 minutes, 54 seconds). We also used several players to ease the physical burden.

Danbi Kim, Hyejin Park, and Jihyun Park breathe
It’s not quite right yet. I don’t know where to start and how to catch them. I can definitely feel that Park Hye-jin is struggling because she hasn’t been able to train in the offseason, but she’s a very strong player, so she doesn’t let it bother her. My main focus is on Park Hye-jin. I think it’s more important for her to play well than to improve her performance. I’m not too worried about Kim Dan-bi and Park Ji-hyun. I think it depends on how much Park Hye-jin can improve her form and support them. We can’t force them to play. We say we have a lot of time (until the playoffs), but it’s not really a lot. We have three games left, and it’s important to be fit, but we’re going to need five guys, not three. There are still some things that don’t feel quite right.

Cheongju KB Stars head coach Kim Wan-soo
General comment
It was our first game without Park Ji-soo, and we had a short time to prepare, but the players did their best. Woori Bank is a team with a lot of individual talent, but the players showed more than their skills. It must have been a great experience for the young 카지노 players to play against a strong team. Even without Park Ji-soo, they were relentless in their pursuit. I think it would be positive if Park Ji-Soo continues to show this kind of behavior in his rest periods. We tried a lot of fast breaks and had a lot of success. The gap was big, but I’m satisfied with the match. I will prepare better and show a better performance next time I am in the same situation.

I realized what kind of offense I had to play when Park was out. We tried to attack quickly and play tight defense, but Park was in too good of shape. We also tried Heo Ye-eun on defense, and she did a good job, but we didn’t fall behind in rebounds and made fewer mistakes that affected the game. Even without Park Ji-soo, the other players played hard.


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