Jason Porto Ondo Leaves Woodbine Inc. For AGCO

This week, Woodbine Entertainment will say goodbye to one of its longest-serving employees as Jason Portuondo prepares to quit. Mr. Porto Ondo has been a member of Ontario’s horse racing leadership for more than a decade, working as a broadcaster. He will now join Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as a racing official.

The popular horse racing official has been involved in the sport since he started as a groom in the Toronto oval backstretch in 1985. Then in 1999, he became part of Woodbine Entertainment’s Thoroughbred Race Coverage Team, and three years later he began working with SportsNet. In 2014, he returned as a horse racing leader and covered the race once again.

After more than a decade with the Ontario horse organization, Mr. Portudon will now officially leave on June 26, 2022. He will then take on a completely different role as a racing official in Ontario’s Alcohol and Game Competition. Mr. Porto Ondo himself said he saw this new role as an opportunity for him to grow and find new opportunities.

Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, noted that Portuondo has been a major part of the organization’s racing products for many years. In his words, he represented brands, sports, and industries with professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity. On behalf of the organization, industry, and fans, he thanked the broadcaster and wished them good luck in the next chapter.

Mr. Porto Ondo recalled some of the best memories he had gained from racing over the years. He said the hosting of the Queen’s Plate and the reporting of the Breeders’ Cup were among his most cherished memories in the company. And for this year’s Queen’s Plate, he won’t be in the station booth, but he’ll still be tracking the race on August 21, 2022.

The host also said he will always love the sport and is looking forward to continuing his relationship. However, he explained that he will miss the daily broadcasts that have been on both radio and TV for the past 26 years. According to him, it was a major part of his life, and certainly his rich experience will be crucial to his new role as racing official.

Mr. Porto Ondo is the only person to leave Woodbine Entertainment this week. The organization announced that Jessica Buckley, senior vice president of Standard Bread and Thoroughbred Racing, has resigned from her current position. Having been in the position since 2020, she will now look for other job opportunities. Ms. Lawson thanked her for her contribution and wished her luck.

That wasn’t the only news from Ontario’s horse racing leader, as the organization also unveiled a collaboration with the You Can Play Project. Through this collaboration, the company will strive to strengthen its engagement efforts for all participants in the horse racing industry, including 2SLGBTQ+ athletes, administrators, equestrian, and fans.

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