Quebecer’s Amazing 70 Million Canadian Dollars Lotto Biggest Windfall

On Friday, Canada learned the name of the next lottery millionaire as Lotto-Québec identified the winner of the C$70 million Lotto Max. The lucky ticket holder’s name is Marcel Lucier and he is from Brosard, located on the south coast of Montreal. The winner says he had a feeling after purchasing the ticket.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery game with two draws per week. The game’s biggest jackpot is C$70 million, which Lucier recently won. It should also be noted that after this prize exceeds C$50 million, each draw also offers a chance to win a few MaxMillion prizes. If you don’t win, move on to the next round.

On Friday, Mr. Lucier arrived at the Crown Company’s office in downtown Montreal to receive a large check. There, he shared more details about the C$70 million jackpot that turned his life around. He said he went online the morning after the draw to check his winning number. And at first, I couldn’t confirm it because I was kicking him out on the website, but I quickly learned about his windfall.

The winner, who was previously employed by Hydro-Quebec, said he worked in the same building where he won his mega prize, and he even knew the building pretty well. Now with that money, the environmental engineer already has some ideas about how to spend his new fortune, because he wants to give something back to the community.

Quebec’s new billionaire, who is quite fond of historical genealogy, said he is preparing some ideas on how to spend and help with the prize money. He explains that he wants to help an entrepreneur rebuild Ukraine. And as a treat for himself and his wife, he wants them to go on a cruise together because the previous cruise was canceled.

On Friday, Lotto Max held one of the two weekly draws for the game. There were a total of 18 Max Million winners in this round, some of whom decided they would have to share a hefty C$1 million prize. The winning ticket went to Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. The next draw will be June 10, 2022, with a key prize of C$43 million.

In the past few months, two Canadian residents have been lucky enough to win a C$70 million jackpot from Lotto Max. Back in December 2021, Manoharan Ponnuthurai from Brampton won such an award in a draw on Dec. 17. The 54-year-old man used a Quick Pick and his luck paid off big after 30 years of playing the lottery.

The other is Dale McEwen from Regina, Saskatchewan. His win is interesting because he stopped by Alberta on his way to ski to B.C. and bought a Lotto Max lottery ticket. The Quick Pick option was pretty nice to him too, as it brought an amazing 70 million Canadian dollars in the April 1, 2022 draw.

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